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Enriched postbiotic calcium may boost mineral bioavailability: RCT

Calcium enriched in a Lactobacillus-based postbiotic system is associated with higher levels of bioavailability as compared to calcium citrate, while a calcium-enriched yeast-based postbiotic does not influence calcium absorption, according to a new study...

Rousselot revamps following “the year of mobility”

Rousselot revamps following “the year of mobility”

By Olivia Brown

Collagen-based solution supplier Rousselot highlights a heightened need for collagen to “help us withstand the stresses of healthy living”, following lifestyle changes post-COVID and the subsequent strain on our bodies.

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Gut-bone axis: Daily probiotic may boost bone health for older women

By Stephen Daniells

Long-term supplementation with a specific probiotic strain may improve gut health and lower inflammation in elderly women with low bone mineral density, says a new study. The data suggests this may lead to beneficial effects on bone metabolism.

The multiple nutrient needs of bones: Review

The multiple nutrient needs of bones: Review

By Stephen Daniells

Nutritional benefits for bone health expand well beyond vitamin D and calcium, says a new review that ‘highlights the importance of adequate nutrition’ for bones.

Who's aware of vitamin K?

Vitamin K focus

Who's aware of vitamin K?

By Jess Halliday

Mention vitamins A to E, and most people will know why they need
them and what foods to find them. Not so vitamin K, a comparatively
little known vitamin that has been the subject of several recent
scientific investigations for its...


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