The HealthBread looked at ingredients and processing methods to improve the nutritional profile of breads

Exclusive talk with HealthBread project leader

HealthBread plans association to commercialize concepts

By Kacey Culliney

The EU HealthBread project wants to form an association by the end of the year to drive commercialization of its healthy bread technologies and concepts across Europe.

new flours said to produce mild-tasting whole grain bakery

Flours promise hidden whole grain benefits

By Lynda Searby

NatureFibre Oat 100 is the latest addition to a new suite of flours from Kampffmeyer Food Innovation GmbH for formulating high fibre and whole grain bakery and snack products that taste as though they are made with conventional, refined flours.

Texture measuring improved

Texture measuring improved

Stable Micro Systems has developed a probe that it claims can
accurately determine the firmness and texture of a number of foods.
The analyser works by penetrating the food in several places to
give an average reading.

A tastier soy-based bread

A tastier soy-based bread

The US Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has developed a new
dough formulation to eradicate the musty, 'beany' aftertaste of
some soy-based breads; a problem that has eluded food technologists
since the 1970s.


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