Circadian Rhythm

NutraCast Podcast: Mantra Labs on Chrononutrition

NutraCast Podcast: Mantra Labs on Chrononutrition

By Danielle Masterson

Taking care of ourselves is more important than ever. Two major pieces to the self-care puzzle are sleep and nutrition. However, that may not be enough. Research is mounting to suggest that there are very real and important implications for when we eat....

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Could melatonin promote healthy ageing?

By Tim Cutcliffe

Lack of melatonin has been widely linked to sleep disorders and disturbances in the human circadian rhythm or body clock. But the hormone may also benefit sleep-related aspects of other conditions, say researchers.

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Can potassium affect your body clock?

By Tim Cutcliffe

Circadian rhythms in human red blood cells (RBCs) may be regulated by potassium, according to a new study in Nature Communications.

The researchers found that polyamines modulate the circadian period by regulating interaction between clock proteins

Sleep on it: Supplements show circadian potential

By Louisa Richards

The lengthening of the circadian period with age can be reversed by polyamines, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have found. The studies on mice published in Cell Metabolism identify a reciprocal metabolic feedback loop between...


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