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Microbiome Briefing

The Growth of Probiotics in Europe

By Stephen Daniells

This year opened with news that France has joined the list of European countries that will allow the use of the term “Probiotic”. As dominoes continue to fall, we look at the opportunities for probiotics across the bloc, particularly supplements in the...

Gut reaction: How do you build a brand around digestive health?

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Gut reaction: How do you build a brand around digestive health?

By Elaine Watson

Do all fermented foods contain probiotics? Do consumers understand what prebiotics are? Are shoppers looking for products that deliver a rapid and discernible effect (to tackle bloating/gas/constipation, or improve regularity) or are they focused on long-term...

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Vitafoods survey shows digestive health is top concern for industry – for the first time

Gut feelings: Digestive health is top of the agenda for nutraceutical industry

By Nathan Gray

An increasing consumer interest in probiotics and the microbiome could be one reason why digestive health has hit the top of the nutraceutical and functional food industry agenda for the first time, say experts.

“New dietary approaches always take a while to gain total acceptance in the scientific community,

Carbohydrates may offer IBS relief: Nutritional expert

By Nicola Cottam

Reducing consumption of carbohydrate foods containing naturally occurring fibres and sugars may offer almost 'instant' relief from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to nutrition consultant.

Probiotics, fiber continue to steal market share from GI remedies

Special edition: Pre- and probiotics

Probiotics, fiber continue to steal market share from GI remedies

By Maggie Hennessy

Digestive issues are all too familiar to Americans, as roughly nine out of 10 (86%) say they’ve dealt with some type of gastrointestinal or digestive trouble in the past year, according to a recent study from Mintel. But as many take a more proactive...

Not even the economic slump could dent the digestive health category

“Feeling the benefit” guides 2011 trends

By Shane Starling

Products that deliver physiological benefits quickly such as those benefitting gut health or boosting energy – will be the most important trend for 2011, according to a new report.

Europe still leads the way for digestive health

Europe still leads the way for digestive health

By Stephen Daniells

European supermarket shelves are still far ahead of their American equivalents with the range of products for digestive health, but the US is catching up fast says a new report.

A Nutra eye on 2009

A Nutra eye on 2009

By Shane Starling

As we wind down the online printing presses here at NutraIngredients for 2008, it seems appropriate to cast our eyes forward and locate those trends that are likely to battle for the functional foods and supplements spotlight in the coming year.


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