Erectile Dysfunction

©Getty Images - Jonathan Knowles

FDA cites four more honey products for knockoff ED drugs

By Hank Schultz

The US Food and Drug Administration has sent warning letters to four companies marketing sexual enhancement supplements ostensibly based on honey but which contained undeclared ED drugs. The warning letters were part of a ongoing enforcement effort on...

Banned drug sibutramine rears its ugly head again

Banned drug sibutramine found in weight loss pills

By Shane Starling

The banned pharma ingredient sibutramine has been found at dangerously high levels in a Taditional Chinese Medicine weight loss supplement, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said Friday.

Herbal Viagra seized in UK

Herbal Viagra seized in UK

By Shane Starling

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) marketing itself as a botanical form of the male erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra, has been seized by UK authorities after it was found to contain pharmaceuticals at banned doses.


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