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Expert view: Genetics-based nutrition is risky business

By Nikki Hancocks

Although genes do have some bearing on obesity risk, they are only one small element of a much wider picture so genetics-based advice alone has the propensity to do more harm than good, according a recent online conference hosted by the American Nutrition...

'We actually don't have a main competitor in this space' ©iStock/kagenmi

Firm champions sports nutrition on another (genetic) level


Beverly Hills-based FitnessGenes is bringing its DNA-driven personalised nutrition concept to sportspeople at all levels – and has moved across the pond to the UK and Europe. Is the sports world ready for personalised nutrition?

Personalised nutrition works: Professor John Mathers

Innovation Conference

Personalised nutrition ‘really works’: new research

By Rick Pendrous

New EU research shows that diets targeted at an individual’s specific needs –personalised nutrition – can improve health more than general nutrition advice, but the results are not improved by honing that advice based on people's phenotype (physiological...

Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics hold much promise for providing better nutritional advice to genetic subgroups, individuals and the consumer. (©


Gene-diet insights key to personalised nutrition success

By Will Chu

Separating fact from fiction will be one of the main challenges for the food industry when it assesses personalised nutrition from the wealth of research that looks into gene-diet interactions.  

Is personalised nutrition about to go public in a big way?

Looking into the food future at Food Vision 2015

Is personalised nutrition about to go public in a big way?


Nutrigenomics – the idea of optimising nutrition via individualised and/or pooled genetic data – is one that has long promised to revolutionise how we eat – not to mention keeping us healthy and out of hospitals. Are converging technologies about to deliver...

Rare gene may link MS to vitamin D

Rare gene may link MS to vitamin D

By Nathan Gray

A rare genetic mutation that results in low vitamin D levels appears to be directly linked to multiple sclerosis, according to new research.

Chr Hansen brings down genomic research costs (and time)

Chr Hansen brings down genomic research costs (and time)

Danish supplier Chr Hansen is reaping the benefits of more than 10 years researching genomics and bioinformatics of its probiotic and other bacterial strains, with inhouse analysis that can cost less than €1000 per strain.

Metagenomic data evolves vitamin E science

Metagenomic data evolves vitamin E science

By Shane Starling from Interlaken, Switzerland

Information about the human genome is providing new insights into the way vitamin E – a nutrient that has very much ridden the scientific roller coaster in recent years in the face of questioning meta reviews – functions in the body.

Mapping the human genome is heralding a

DSM Science & Technology Awards

DSM: “There is a renaissance in nutrition”

By Shane Starling

In advance of the presentation of the southern edition of the DSM Science and Technology Awards yesterday, DSM senior VP in nutritional science and nutrition and health advocacy, Dr Manfred Eggersdorfer, explained how it is that nutrition science is entering...

Eating for your children

Eating for your children

People who overeat may end up contributing to the poor health of
their grandchildren, according to Swedish researchers writing in
the current issue of the European Journal of Human Genetics.


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