Metagenomic data evolves vitamin E science

Metagenomic data evolves vitamin E science

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Information about the human genome is providing new insights into the way vitamin E – a nutrient that has very much ridden the scientific roller coaster in recent years in the face of questioning meta reviews – functions in the body.

At the recent DSM Science and Technology Awards, DSM Nutritional Products corporate scientist Dr Peter Weber told Shane Starling why multidisciplinary methods were revealing new functionalities for the multi-form vitamin known best for its antioxidant properties.

“The genetic profile actually makes the difference regarding the effect of vitamin E in cardiovascular diseases,”​ Dr Weber said. “They actually showed in quite a large number of people … that if you do provide 400IU in vitamin E that the cardiovascular events were much lower in the people that carry what is called a genetic polymorphism.”

He added policy makers needed to be educated about intake deficiencies.

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Vitamin E

Posted by David V. Smith - founder of Bio-Health Ltd U.K.,

From memory, during the 1950's and 1960's there were two brothers named Schute, both MD's who operated from the Schute Institute in Canada. Again, according to memory, they achieved much success in treating coronory thrombosis and vascular diseases with d'alpha tocopheryl obtained from National Mills Minneapolis, USA. In my view there will be available in the appropriate archives in Canada and elsewhere, references to their work, as at the time, they were considered authorities on the subject. Henkel purchased National Mills and I believe still extract and market naturally derived Vitamin E forms. It could be of interest for those concerned to contact Henkel in USA or I believe they may still operate a branch from Cork in Eire.

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Vitamin E does work

Posted by JJ,

Years ago I used Vit E to remove a deep scar I'd had from childhood, and it worked perfectly. It has to be natural E, and just the alpha tocopherol, applied topically every time you wash, as well as taken internally, 400-800iu a day. It worked for me. It takes time, the scar gradually disappears.

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