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Supplements a cost-effective alternative to elderly diet: Study

By David Anderson

Health and social care decision makers have been asked to consider the merits of providing elderly care home residents with supplements instead of their normal diets, after study results found supplements were a cost-effective way of treating malnourished...

The UK could save up to €315.16 million per year with improved nutritional care for various groups of malnourished adults, says BAPEN. Photo credit: / Dutko

Special edition: Battling malnutrition

Too ill to eat: The hidden face of malnutrition in Europe

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

There have been huge changes in the way malnutrition is seen and managed in European hospitals in the last 30 years – but a more preventative, community-based approach is needed to cut public health costs, according to a British Association for Parenteral...

Eye health benefits help drive booming astaxanthin demand

Special edition: eye health

Eye health benefits help drive booming astaxanthin demand

By Hank Schultz

The eye health benefits of astaxanthin will steadily increase demand for this already red-hot ingredient, says Rudi Moerck, PhD, CEO of Valensa, one of the major suppliers.  This benefit is tied into an aging demographic; few younger consumers think about...

Unless the new labels change purchasing behaviour, they will have failed

Campaign to clarify new hybrid label

By Rick Pendrous

The government is planning a public education campaign to help consumers understand the new hybrid front-of-pack (FoP) nutrition labelling scheme the Department of Health (DH) recently launched to stem rising obesity levels.

The year ahead: 2013 European nutra futures

The year ahead: 2013 European nutra futures


The economic crisis has hit the EU hard, and coupled with a severe health and nutrition claim clamp down, the past years have been challenging for the European nutra industry.

Strawberry is an attractive flavour to older consumers, says Carbery

Carbery explores flavours for ageing consumers

By Rod Addy

Carbery is exploring the potential of flavours to make protein-fortified products more palatable to ageing consumers, according to head of research and development Aine Hallihan.

Medical food marketers can reduce consumer confusion

Medical food marketers can reduce consumer confusion

By Shane Starling

Medical food marketers need to address the fact many consumers are confused about the ‘food as medicine’ concept, especially as the influence of health care professionals is dwindling.


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