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Cocoa flavanols may protect against diabetes: Study

By Tim Cutcliffe

Specific compounds within cocoa promote the release of insulin and may help protect against the onset of type-2 diabetes (T2D), reports a new study in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

Berries show anti-diabetes potential: Human data

Berries show anti-diabetes potential: Human data


Strawberries, bilberries, lingonberries, and chokeberries may blunt the insulin response to the starch-rich bread, and offer a means of reducing the risk of diabetes, says a new study from Finland.

Phylloquinone is found naturally in green leafy vegetables

Vitamin K may slash diabetes risk: Study

By Stephen Daniells

Increased intakes of vitamin K1 may lower the risk of developing type-2 diabetes in elderly people with a high risk of cardiovascular disease, says a new study.


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