Iron Deficiency

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Review: How to better manage iron deficiency

By Nikki Hancocks

Iron deficiency, which is regularly treated with supplements, could be better treated with an understanding of possible underlying causes such as bowel cancer and coeliac disease, according to a new review.


WATCH NOW: Gates Foundation funded study develops ‘unique nutrient-delivery system’

Fighting malnutrition: Could new nutrient delivery strategy help billions of people?

By Nathan Gray

A unique new nutrient delivery system, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, could help billions of people suffering from malnutrition by improving the way iron and vitamin A are fortified into foods, say those behind the project.

Study highlights importance of iron in adolescent athletes

Study highlights importance of iron in adolescent athletes

By Danielle Masterson

Optimal nutrition is fundamental for enhancing training, recovery and performance in athletes. A new study on iron intake and athletic performance in adolescent athletes underscores the importance of iron intake and the need for more research.


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