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Researchers devise scoring system for male fertility supplements

By Hank Schultz

Italian researchers have come up with a scoring system for supplements aimed at improving male fertility. Their analysis shows among the many ingredients used in such supplements, folic acid, inositol and NAC seemed the most promising.

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Lycored more than doubles lycopene production

By Nikki Hancocks

Lycored, the global natural supplements manufacturer, has expanded its tomato-based lycopene production to meet 'unprecedented demand' for beauty-from-within products.

Heavy lycopene molecules may help explain the carotenoid's bodily metabolism

Scientists trace lycopene activity

By Louisa Richards

Scientists in the US have found a novel way to trace the activity of lycopene in the human body, which could help explain its potential cancer-combating properties.  

Red revolution: As science grows for lycopene, will the market follow?

Special edition: Antioxidants and Carotenoids

A red revolution: As the science grows for lycopene, will the market follow?

By Nathan Gray

Lycopene has a growing reputation among the carotenoids, but have we started to see a red revolution in the market? In this special edition article, NutrIngredients asks where the science and the market data stand on the tomato compound.

Nestlé explores lycopene absorption optimization

Nestlé explores lycopene absorption optimization

By Stephen Daniells

Understanding how different forms of lycopene are absorbed in the body may allow scientists to control the body’s uptake of the antioxidant, says a new study from Nestlé.

Soft Gel introduces LycoQ

Soft Gel introduces LycoQ

By Clarisse Douaud

Los Angeles-based Soft Gel Technologies has paired branded
proprietary ingredients Lyc-o-Mato and CoQsol in a soft gel to
promote cardiovascular health and is counting on the innovative mix
to drive sales.


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