New blood: Soy bean extract wins EU approval

By Shane Starling

A Japanese firm has won EU novel foods approval for a blood clot-benefitting fermented soy bean extract for all groups except “pregnant and lactating women.”

Botanicals have been the subject of numerous studies, all eager to add scientific credence to their reported health benefits.  ©iStock/ChamilleWhite

Botanicals: Research round-up

By Will Chu

As part of our special edition on botanicals, NutraIngredients takes a look at recent research of some popular botanical ingredients.

Photo: Christopher Bauer/Wikimedia Commons

Soy isoflavones may aid with sleep, says study

By Adi Menayang

Can isoflavones found in soybeans help insomniacs get some sleep? Researchers in Japan, who studied more than a thousand participants from various walks of life, think so.

BASF hikes vitamin B2 price 20%

BASF hikes vitamin B2 price 20%


BASF tells us its 20% vitamin B2 (riboflavin) price hike is due to “rising demand” across human and animal nutrition, but gave no further data on the significant jump.

EU soy-cholesterol health claims after appeal fails

Doomed: EU soy-cholesterol health claims after appeal fails


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) appears to have nailed shut the door for soy-cholesterol reducing health claims in the European Union, after dismissing a series of formal objections to its third rejection of the bean’s cholesterol-lowering capacity.


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