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ScenoProt gives a preview of Northern Europe's protein preferences

By Niamh Michail

Why do Finns give more importance to protein than Swedes? Are Germans more willing to eat an all vegetarian meal than Brits? And among the 13% of Europeans who have tried insects, how many would eat them again? Finland's ScenoProt survey is providing...

So you think you've been following the latest microbiome metrics and advances closely? Take our quiz to prove it. © iStock.com / AntonioGuillem

Do YOU have the guts to take our microbiome quiz?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

You may still not be able to put the ‘term’ probiotic on pack in Europe – but there has been plenty to say about the microbiome, what influences it and what it influences this year. But how closely have you been following the latest microbiome metrics...

Wholegrain consumption may prevent early death

Wholegrain consumption may prevent early death

By Niamh Michail

A high wholegrain intake may lower the mortality rate regardless of wholegrain type or cause of death, say researchers in a 120,000-strong Scandinavian cohort study.

Finland follows Sweden and bans DMAA

DMAA in the dock

Finland follows Sweden and bans DMAA

By Shane Starling

All Nordic nations except Norway have joined the UK in acting against the pre-workout stimulant DMAA, with Sweden and Finland joining Denmark in issuing withdrawal alerts or destroying products.

A shot of bacteria

A shot of bacteria

Swedish dairy company Skånemejerier has launched a probiotic
supplement under its ProViva brand. The 'shot', which is a
concentrated form of the ProViva fruit drink, contains around 250
million beneficial bacteria per ml...


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