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Innovation deflation: The EU food sector partially blames novel foods laws for an R&D investment level of 1.5% of revenue, compared to 15% for the pharma industry

"As a member of Parliament, I need facts. And I think you, the food industry, have the resources to find those."

MEP defends EU novel foods laws against innovation attacks

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn from the European Parliament in Brussels

The food industry should provide facts if it expects EU decision makers to consider dismantling the controversial novel foods regulation it has long-argued discourages innovation, a UK member of the European Parliament (MEP) said at a workshop in Brussels...

Innocent shakes up smoothies with functional launches

Innocent shakes up smoothies with functional launches


Coke-owned Innocent is launching a functional smoothie range in the UK from April centered on soft health claims - three varieties will use 'defense' 'energise' and 'antioxidant' positioning.

The EU could centralise novel foods authorisation

EU may centralise novel foods authorisation

By Rick Pendrous

The EU is reviewing the regulation of novel foods authorisation, which could see the 28 Member States (MSs) stripped of their main risk assessment role as the procedure is centralised, bringing it in line with that used to authorise additives.

Alliance for Natural Health International:

THMPD implementation

UK medicines regulator slams door on herbal food supplements

By Shane Starling at #FIE2013 in Frankfurt, Germany

Botanical food supplements deemed medicinal have less than six months to achieve herbal medicines status or be removed from shelves in the UK – but the sector says the law remains unclear.

Glucosamine: Food and/or medicine? The UK High Court is being asked to decide

Glucosamine: food or drug?

MHRA and HFMA defend glucosamine against pharma attack


The UK’s major food supplements trade association has joined the local medicines regulator in fighting a pharma player-led High Court legal action to ban glucosamine’s right to exist as both a food and a medicine in the UK and potentially other EU markets.

Deadly fat burner claims another victim

DNP claims youngest victim

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Illegal chemical DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) - commonly used as a fat burner - has been blamed for the death of an 18-year-old British man, making him the youngest British victim.


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