Vitamin A

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Fat-soluble vitamin status linked to self-reported health

By Nikki Hancocks

Self-reported health (SRH) is significantly associated with plasma vitamins A and D status, suggesting these fat-soluble vitamins are associated with reduced mortality, according to new cross-sectional data.
implications of these modifiable nutrients...

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Notes from Nutrition 2018 in Boston

Study links vitamin A levels to infant growth

By Adi Menayang

A study presented at the Nutrition 2018 conference in Boston suggests that adequate vitamin A levels may support infant growth—and that one Midwestern city may have a vitamin A ‘public health problem.’

AIDP: Gelatin-free encapsulation is a growing trend

AIDP: Gelatin-free encapsulation is a growing trend

By Elaine Watson

Initial interest in AIDP’s new clean-label, gelatin-free enVantec micro-encapsulation technology has been in vitamin D3 tablets, but the real potential lies in beverages, says the firm.

Rethinking vitamin A

Rethinking vitamin A

Both high and low levels of vitamin A can increase hip fractures in
older women, reported researchers at a scientific meeting in the US
last week. The study shows that calls to reduce vitamin A
supplementation may need to be reconsidered,...

The future is orange

The future is orange

Dark orange is better than paler, more neutral tones - at least,
when referring to carrot colour, according to researchers studying
the levels of beta-carotene in fruit and vegetables. The more
orange pigment, an important source...


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