The Italian Way considers the US a ‘mature and conscious’ market for Italian beverage exports.

Italy eyes the US beverage market for health-conscious, eco customers

By Beth Newhart

American consumers are increasingly looking for products with a focus on simple, high-quality ingredients and sustainability. And a group of Italian companies believe their products are ready to meet these demands: with their drinks on show at the Winter...


Salty food diminishes thirst and increases hunger: Study

By Louis Gore-Langton

New research has reversed ideas about the health impacts of a high salt intake diet, and may have implications for salt reduction campaigns throughout Europe - though public health campaigners have called the results "contrived". 

The future of bottled water: Child hydration, energy water and protein enrichment

Global Bottled Water Congress, Lisbon

What’s next in bottled water? Three areas to watch

By Rachel Arthur

It’s an era of opportunity for bottled water, with consumers wanting a healthy alternative to many other drinks on the market. As the Global Bottled Water Congress takes place in Lisbon this week, Zenith International takes a look at areas to keep an...

Electrolysed water not proven to benefit Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), osteoporosis, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, blood pressure, allergies, hayfever, Athlete’s Foot, degenerative diseases and gout, rules the ASA

UK company to fight ASA antioxidant water ad ban

By Shane Starling

The UK company behind a high pH, electrolysed water product says it fully expected the advertising watchdog to rule against its cancer, ageing and other claims, and will appeal.

EFSA rejects claim linking calcium-fortified juices and tooth demineralisation


EFSA rejects health claims for fruit juice, water

By Shane Starling

The European Food Safety Authority health claims panel has turned in two negative opinions for separate claims that sought to link calcium-fortified fruit juice and tooth demineralisation; and water consumption and dehydration.

Water wastage syndrome

Weekly comment

Water wastage syndrome

Praise where praise is due. And it is certainly due for one
small-time drinks firm in southern Britain, which is spear-heading
answers to global water shortages that threaten to wreak havoc on
food producers everywhere.


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