Plant power: Could hybrid dairy offer the best of both worlds?

By Teodora Lyubomirova

A study that compared the nutritional properties of dairy and plant-based yogurts sold in the US has found that almond- and oat-based alternatives were ‘similar or better’ than dairy yogurts - but there's room for innovation in bridging the nutritional...

Arla Foods Ingredients recently launched a clean label ambient stirred yogurt concept containing five all-natural ingredients.  Pic: Arla Foods Ingredients

The growing importance of clean label in functional dairy

By Jim Cornall

Demand for functional dairy ingredients has never been higher. This is largely driven by the high-protein trend – consumers increasingly understand the proven benefits of high-quality proteins, in particular those from whey, for muscle growth, weight...

Getty | mpessaris

Study: Yogurt and fibre-rich diet may reduce lung cancer risk

By Nikki Hancocks

A diet high in fibre and yogurt is strongly associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer thanks to their prebiotic and probiotic properties, according to a study involving data from 1.4 million adults in the US, Europe and Asia.

BRIC markets dominate health and wellness dairy

BRIC healthy dairy boom blooms; Europe down but not doomed


Brazil, Russia, India, China – as well as Mexico – are the fastest growing markets for functional dairy products, according to a Euromonitor International presentation given last week at the Healthy and Functional Dairy event.

Asian demand for baby food was a major driver of Danone's sales increase

Danone results get Asia baby food boost


Danone reported sales growth in the first quarter of 2013 as demand for baby food in Asia boosted profits, despite continued weakness in Europe.

Danone withdraws marquee probiotic health claims (again)

Danone withdraws marquee probiotic health claims (again)

By Shane Starling

Almost a year to the day after Danone first withdrew submissions for its best-selling probiotic yoghurts from the European Union health claims system, the French dairy giant has pulled its claims from the system once again.

Danone awaits EFSA guidance on probiotic health claims

Danone awaits EFSA guidance on probiotic health claims

By Shane Starling

French dairy giant Danone has withdrawn claims from the controversial EU nutrition and health claim process because it is waiting for procedural guidance from the claims assessment agency, the European Food safety Authority (EFSA).

Beauty yoghurt turns ugly for Danone

Beauty yoghurt turns ugly for Danone

By Shane Starling

After little more than two years, Danone has pulled its beauty-from-the-inside spoonable yoghurt, Essensis, from French retail shelves, despite a re-launch in 2008.


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