Plant power: Could hybrid dairy offer the best of both worlds?

By Teodora Lyubomirova

A study that compared the nutritional properties of dairy and plant-based yogurts sold in the US has found that almond- and oat-based alternatives were ‘similar or better’ than dairy yogurts - but there's room for innovation in bridging the nutritional...

Probiota Champions: In conversation with Nancy Hamren

Probiota Champions: In conversation with Nancy Hamren

By Stephen Daniells

Talking to Nancy Hamren is a delight. In the space of 23 minutes she mentioned One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, being the first yogurt sold in the US to contain live probiotics, Huey Lewis, and the International Probiotics Association…

Arla Foods Ingredients recently launched a clean label ambient stirred yogurt concept containing five all-natural ingredients.  Pic: Arla Foods Ingredients

The growing importance of clean label in functional dairy

By Jim Cornall

Demand for functional dairy ingredients has never been higher. This is largely driven by the high-protein trend – consumers increasingly understand the proven benefits of high-quality proteins, in particular those from whey, for muscle growth, weight...


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