Shifting attitudes in video game market pave way for esport nutrition offerings

By Danielle Masterson

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Ingredients by Nature is going for the win by introducing supplements to help support a healthy gaming lifestyle.

Back in the day, gaining a competitive edge in gaming meant memorizing codes to quickly punch into a corded controller while playing Super Mario Bros.

In the modern gaming world, a competitive edge could mean taking nootropics, brain-boosting supplements that can enhance cognitive function to sharpen performance like focus, adroit fingers, creativity, and more. 


The global video game market will grow to more than $180 billion by 2021, according to market intelligence company Newzoo​, up from $138 billion in 2018. Recent years saw huge boosts in investment from venture capitalists, and more recently from private equity firms. 

Speaking to NutraIngredients-USA, Rob Brewster, president of Ingredients by Nature said,  The rising surge of popularity of esports and video gaming as a whole has caught the natural products industry by surprise and therefore somewhat unprepared. Around 70% of US consumers play video games​, including via phones, which means the market for gamer-centric formulations is huge. Fortunately, the science is already out there about ingredients supporting cognitive health, eye health, blood sugar levels and other health categories, which all apply to the video game industry. As such, I do believe we will see a lot more suppliers and manufacturers coming out with solutions focused on the esports category and better educating consumers on how they affect overall health and performance."

With all the money flowing into the industry, attitudes have shifted, with more people viewing gamers as athletes rather than couch potatoes. And like any other athlete, nutrition is key.

Get your head in the game 

Ingredients by Nature recently announced Eriomin for esport formulations. The ingredient supplier told NutraIngredients-USA​ that Eriomin helps gamers get real-time and long-term health benefits for improved performance and recovery. 

“Eriomin has shown significant results in its multiple clinical studies and Eriomin Esport delivers that same multi-functional benefit to gamers by delivering a healthier competitive edge,”​ said Brewster. 

Most sports take a toll on the body -- and esports is no acception. Gamers, like other athletes, require endurance, recovery and mental health benefits from their nutrition. To optimize gaming, Ingredients by Nature said Eriomin Esport addresses oxidative stress, inflammation, and blood glucose levels.

The citrus flavonoids in Eriomin Esport act as antioxidants, helping neurons communicate optimally for quick thinking and reducing eye strain.

"By increasing antioxidant activity in the macula, Eriomin Esport helps to maintain proper eye health and neutralizes the effects of eye strain,"​ Brewster told us. 

The cognitive enhancer also helps maintain inflammation levels to provide quicker game recovery and minimizing hearing damage from headphones. 

The buzz 

With so many sugary energy drinks on the market, the company said Eriomin Esport stands out by helping gamers to sustain attention, focus, and energy by managing proper glucose levels. 

Eriomin Esport’s effectiveness in correcting imbalances through the inter-related management of inflammation, oxidative stress and blood glucose levels have been clinically studied in a double-blind, randomized, peer-reviewed study published in Phytotherapy Research.

“There is no better time than now to provide health solutions for esports professionals and casual gamers both," ​Brewster said.

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