Givaudan launches fruit extract to target ‘digital skin stress’

By Liza Laws

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Givaudan fruit extract targets ‘digital skin stress’

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An innovation targeting the effects of digital stress on the skin has been created by Givaudan Active Beauty.

The natural, active, cosmetic ingredient, called Synchronight, is made from gardenia fruit extract and is designed to protect the skin from blue light, or high energy visible (HEV) light.

The company says Synchronight  is activated by the microbiome and stimulates skin rejuvenation preserving the natural skin melatonin release cycle, resulting in younger skin and better sleep.

Synchronight will be launched as a night cream called 'My Blue Guard High Performance' which will also feature 'DreamScentz' a fragrance technology aimed at enhancing sleeping experiences.

Our accomplished scientific team in skin research and microbiomics identified a unique opportunity to bring this ingredient to life,” ​says head of active beauty, Laura Bourdeau.

“Creating a natural ingredient with the strength to fight the effects of digital stress and improve sleep quality is a turning point for innovation in the beauty space today.

“We look forward to collaborating with our customers to create new meaningful beauty products that bring moments of delight throughout the day and night.​”

HEV and UV light

Consumers spend a lot of time looking at screens whether it is smartphones, iPads,  tablets or working in front of a computer.

HEV is present in daylight but is also emitted from screens and can penetrate  skin to a deeper level than UV rays causing symptoms such as pigmentation, age spots and fine lines.

Givaudan says this new development showcases its “advanced scientific research capabilities”​ and commitment to consumers searching for new ways to improve their lives with beauty products adapted to suit their digital lifestyles.

By combining our technologies in Active Beauty, we can respond to the demands of the market for more creative and versatile innovative solutions,” ​says Maurizio Volpi, president of Givaudan’s fragrance division.

“Presenting new products to our customers is a priority for us and we’re proud to launch another active cosmetic ingredient that can inspire new collections with product differentiation.

“The launch of Synchronight also perfectly reflects our commitment to our newly defined purpose, of creating for happier, healthier lives, with love for nature​.”

Gardenia fruit has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and has previously shown promise in lab tests for its potential to help manage type II diabetes.

It has also been used as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-depressant and for improving sleep.

‘Beauty from within’

The use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) ingredients is something Givaudan has been developing for some time.

In 2017, a collaboration with Draco Natural Products, saw it looking to develop a range of anti-ageing and moisturisation products that use bioactive botanical ingredients derived from Chinese medicine.

The use of TCM ingredients has been a move on the company's part to establish the 'beauty from within' concept in which global beauty rituals originate from homespun wisdom.

Givaudan's portfolio includes Ungerer & Company, a US-based flavour, fragrance and speciality ingredients company, and the nutriocosmetics unit​ of Italian botanicals firm Indena.

This deal built on an existing long-term relationship and includes a deal for a manufacturing and innovation partnership between the two companies.

In October last year, Givaudan made an announcement​ detailing the world's first instant microbiome analysis and profiling system.

This development will allow its customers to expand what they can offer including skincare products tailored to consumer’s unique microbiome.

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