NutraCast Podcast: Michelle Ricker on biohacking

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NutraCast Podcast: Michelle Ricker on biohacking

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You’ve likely heard of life hacks, which are tricks or shortcuts that help you be more efficient in life. You may or may not have heard of biohacks. But chances are, you’ve already tried some without even knowing it. You might even be biohacking right now…

Michelle Ricker, RDN, joined the NutraCast to explain what biohacking is and some of the ways it can be applied. She has a background in nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and other areas of personalized nutrition. 

“I think we do it day-to-day and don’t even realize it,”​ said Ricker. “What we’re talking about is more just the science of changing the environment around us and also our bodies, our biology, so that we have an ultimate outcome for optimization. Meaning that our body can run efficiently today and also in the future.” 

Ricker explained that the concept is vast. Biohacking includes everything from nootropics to intermittent fasting to using gene-diet interactions to tailor personal health regimens. 

If you’re looking into applying a few biohacks to your life, Ricker suggests identifying what your goals are and going from there. 

“Step into it based on what your goal is, otherwise it’s so overwhelming.”

Despite the intimidating name, you don’t have to be a scientist or a nutritionist to hack your biology. 

“We’re doing things to help our body and our environment...and that’s really what we're doing. That’s the whole concept of this hacking our biology. It's just has a cool name, it doesn’t have to mean anything scary.”

To learn more about this fascinating area and ways you can apply biohacks to your life, listen to the NutraCast. You can also subscribe on iTunes here.​ 

NutraCast is a podcast that focuses on insights from inside the nutrition industry. It is a production by NutraIngredients-USA​. Music by Kevin Macleod. 

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