Dutch dietary enzyme brand launches in US on Amazon

By Hank Schultz

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Intoleran, a Dutch dietary enzymes brand, has launched its line of finished dietary supplements into the US on Amazon, including a flagship formula that the company claims helps address an underlying issue for those suffering from gluten intolerance.

The company, which is based in Donkerbroek, The Netherlands, manufacturers a variety of finished goods.  

Wide range of enzymes addressing various intolerances

Those included enzyme formulas meant to address multiple intolerances as wells as products design to help people suffering from intolerances to lactose, fructose, histamine and other issues.

"Our original founder, Remko Hiemstra, was lactose intolerant," ​says current Intoleran owner Harmen Treep, "Hiemstra knew what it was like to live with a food intolerance. So, he worked hard to help people like himself enjoy their food again, no matter where they lived or what food intolerance they were facing. It's a philosophy that we continue to embrace to this day."

One of the company’s flagship formulas is branded as Fibractase Forte.  It’s mean to address a potential problem for people suffering from gluten intolerance, rather than outright celiac disease, which is an autoimmune condition.

Treep said this intolerance can be misinterpreted and could be the result of intolerance to the fructans that are present in products such as cereal grains, rather than an inability to fully digest the gluten itself.

Getting the celiac issue right

"There's often a bit of confusion between gluten and fructans," ​Treep said.

 "Often eating grain products leads to an upset stomach or other digestional discomforts. This is blamed on gluten, and if someone has celiac disease (meaning they're gluten intolerant), this is likely the culprit. However, if their celiac test is negative, it's likely that fructans are to blame,” ​he maintained.

Fibractase Forte contains alpha galactosidase, a digestive enzyme, which can help the body break down complex carbohydrates like fructans and its sister carb galactans.

“Our goal is to help people enjoy their food again," ​Treep said. ”Properly diagnosing a fructan intolerance is the first step in that process for many who incorrectly think they're dealing with a gluten intolerance. If you aren't sure, check with a medical professional to see if you're addressing the root of the issue.”

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