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By Olivia Brown

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As we enter autumn, powdered drinks enabling for convenient holistic health dominate new product launches, whilst gummy innovation continues.

More than protein 

Foodspring​ has launched its new protein+ range in collaboration with Davina McCall, with the two-product collection including Protein+ Focus and Protein+ Relax powders which aim to support energy levels throughout the day. 

Davina McCall commented: “I wanted to come up with two products that I thought would be great for women because, as I’ve learnt, protein plays a big part in my diet and it's important for every part of my body - it's not just about exercise. To be honest, sometimes I find it hard to consume the right amount of protein and work can mean that I’m not always eating as well as I should be. 

“As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed I need a product that tops up my daily protein, keeps my energy levels even throughout the day and provides me with vitamins and minerals, to boost my immunity.” 

The cocoa flavoured Protein+ Focus shake contains 20g of protein per serving from whey and sunflower seed, as well as vitamins, minerals and energy-boosting ginseng. Protein+ Relax contains Foodspring’s first casein-based offering to enable for a slow-digesting protein source, allowing for muscle repair throughout sleep. The product also contains calming ashwagandha and turmeric.

Shake it up 

MyProtein​ has released its new limited edition ‘Impact Whey Protein’ in pistachio ice cream flavour. Containing 18g of protein per serving, as well as 4g of BCAAs, the nutty protein shake is less than 100kcals per serving.  

The energy drink brand Sneak ​has launched a caffeinated ‘Sneak Shake’ milkshake range in three flavours, including vanilla, raspberry 'creamsicle' and caramel latte. Containing a range of vitamins and minerals, the powders also feature active ingredients including 150mg of caffeine, L-Tyrosine, L-theanine, and taurine. 

Ian Bide, NPD manager at Sneak, told NutraIngredients: “How many caffeinated milkshakes are currently out there on the market? We knew there weren’t many, if any at all. Most comparable drinks are protein-based and sit firmly in the fitness sphere - we wanted to create a shake that was pure energy, totally different from the norm, and something our hyper-engaged customer base would love.” 

Good gummies 

SIRIO Pharma​ is introducing three new herbal gummy formulations to enable its partners to grow in the immune health space, with products targeted at cough and cold symptoms, oral care, and urinary tract infections.  

The cough and cold formulation combines citrus extract with eucalyptus and other herbal ingredients to alleviate congestion and sinus pressure, whilst the oral care gummy combines vitamin D3, calcium and berry extracts in natural berry flavour. The final UTI gummy contains a blend of hibiscus and cranberry. 

Sara Lesina, General Manager Europe at Sirio, commented: “Our ready-to-market gummies will enable [clients] to address trending over-the-counter health areas in the most consumer-friendly dosage form. We all know gummies are the top growth dosage for nutraceuticals”. 

Novomins​ has launched new Bio-Bac probiotic gummies, delivering a potent dose of 50 billion CFU of bacteria to promote a balanced gut microbiota. The gummies contain 11 bacterial strains supported by an additional prebiotic, within a low sugar formula. 

Daily greens 

The nutrition company Pure Concentrated Goodness​ has launched a daily microgreen supplement ‘Everyday’. The product claims to provide the equivalent nutritional value of 800g of vegetables within 2g of powder with freeze-dried microgreens and herbs containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

“PCG Everyday has been a journey from a desire to improve health and wellbeing for everyone, to making it a reality with bespoke engineered hydroponic units, to specially selected plant varieties to make the most powerful and harmonious blend of nutrients, minerals and vitamins without needing additives or fillers. PCG Everyday is completely plant based and can be incorporated into daily diet with ease,” said Gareth Lucken, Director at Pure Concentrated Goodness. 

Sleep support 

Intension ​has introduced a new ‘Better Sleep’ supplement containing Kemin's ‘DailyZz’ ingredient, which is a mixture of mint and green tea extracts, magnesium, L-tryptophan, vitamin B6 and melatonin.  

The composition of ingredients aims to ensure better sleep quality whilst reducing the feeling of fatigue. 

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