NPD Launchpad: From collagen drinks to mindful mushrooms

By Olivia Brown

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December new product launches have featured an array of collagen-based innovation and the demand for functional mushrooms continues to generate NPD.

Mindful menopause 

The herbal specialist HerbalGem has launched its FEM50+GEM product in liquid drops and sprays, aiming to support women experiencing menopausal symptoms. 

The supplement contains extracts of apple, lingonberry, hawthorn and sage buds which aim to balance hormone levels whilst alleviating menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and disturbed sleep.  

Meanwhile, a collaboration with Probiotical has resulted in the launch of Gnosis' first private-label immune-support supplement 'MenaQ7 Protect', featuring its MenaQ7 K2 ingredient. 

Each sachet, which can be consumed on-the-go or added to a beverage, contains 80mg of vitamin C, as well as 1 billion cells each of Bifidobacterium animalis​ subsp. lactis​, Bifidobacterium bifidum​, and Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus​. The combination aims to provide immune-supporting benefits.

CEO of Probiotical, Vera Mogna, comments: “Probiotics function in harmony with our immune system, effectively distinguishing allies from adversaries, and play a pivotal role in shielding us against harmful pathogens. 

“The probiotic strains selected for MenaQ7 Protect naturally occur in the human body and work in concert with the immune system to fortify the body’s defences. Through meticulous research, we have selected strains that are able to uniquely interact with the immune system, creating a targeted approach to stimulate and fortify our natural defences."

Mushrooms for the mind 

The athlete-founded CBD supplements brand Fourfive has shifted from CBD to functional mushrooms, launching a portfolio of mushroom supplements which aim to support sleep, focus, and general well-being. 

The new range features 'Lion's Mane Mushroom' with B-vitamins for energy and focus, 'Reishi Mushroom' and a multi mushroom 'Ultimate Blend' to achieve optimal dosages of 10,000mg of mushroom.  

Optimal collagen 

Supplement brand Designs For Health has added two new lines to its collagen portfolio, including 'Whole Beauty Collagen' and 'Collagen + MCT'. The 'Whole Beauty Collagen' powder features hydrolysed collagen peptides and a 'Lustriva' ingredient blend of stabilised biotin and silica, which aims to support hair, skin and nail health. 

'Collagen + MCT' contains collagen peptides from high-quality bovine sources as well as medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil to provide an efficient energy source to the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. 

The brand's chief medical officer Dr David Brady, said: "While the market for collagen supplements has skyrocketed in recent years, all collagen products are not created equal, which is why we are proud to offer three high-quality research-backed formulations that consumers and practitioners can trust. 

"Collagen makes up roughly 30% of the body's protein and 75% of the skin's structure; however, we start to produce less of it as we age, making supplementation vital to helping the body rebuild the collagen that it depends on. Our three unique SKUs have been carefully formulated to provide adults with an easy and convenient way to incorporate specific molecular weight clinically studied collagen into their daily wellness routines at any age,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Myvitamins has launched its 'Beauty Collagen' drink, containing 10g of hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides in peach, raspberry, and lemon and lime flavours. 

The powder also contains B-vitamins, vitamin C, and 120mg of hyaluronic acid, aiming to support hair and skin health and hydration, whilst improving collagen formation. 

Fermented innovation

Terranova has introduced its new fermented kombucha, featuring Fermedics’ ‘Fermbucha’ ingredient. The new product combines fermented black tea and matcha green tea. 

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