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Kemin receives novel food authorization for BetaVia Pure

By Nikki Hancocks

Kemin Industries has received novel food authorization from the European Commission for its BetaVia Pure postbiotic ingredient, a proprietary strain of the algae Euglena gracilis, with five-year exclusivity in the European market.

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Pioneering plant extracts in the running for NI Awards

By Olivia Haslam

The 2024 NutraIngredients award finalists in the Botanical Product of the Year category are utilizing all the plant kingdom has to offer, catering to areas of sleep, women’s health and weight management.

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CBD firm wins judicial review confirming product legality

By Nikki Hancocks

The founder of a British CBD firm who lost his license to export into the UK and had to cease business last year, has won his judicial review against the UK Home Office, with the authority conceding his products were legal.

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Peruvian anchovy fishing quota signals rebound for omega-3 supply

By Nikki Hancocks

The Peruvian authorities have announced the first anchovy fishing season of 2024 can commence with a sizable quota, signaling a return to normal supply after a challenging year of low stock and rising costs for the omega-3 industry.

Could keto diet delay early Alzheimer's. GettyImages/Liudmila Chernetska

Could keto diet delay early Alzheimer's?

By Donna Eastlake

The keto diet has been linked to multiple health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and reduced blood sugar, but could it also help to combat the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease?

NutraCast: Metabolism tracking with Lumen

NutraCast: Metabolism tracking with Lumen

By Danielle Masterson

We track our steps, our sleep, our cycles and so much more—so why not track our metabolism? While research shows that a healthy metabolism is crucial for a healthier and longer life, it’s not always easy to track. Healthtech company Lumen is hoping to...

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Supplements to slow biological aging: What does the science say?

By Olivia Brown

The concept of biological age has captured consumer attention with an increasing number of brands offering supplements promising to slow or even reverse the biological clock, but what does the scientific evidence backing these claims say?

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The Start-Up Award: Top trail-blazing entrepreneurs

By Nikki Hancocks

Today’s start-ups and spin-outs could be the future major players of the industry, and NutraIngredients looks to celebrate the best new companies blazing a trail in the market.

CON-CRĒT stands behind creatine HCL gummies

CON-CRĒT stands behind creatine HCL gummies

By Danielle Masterson

One year ago, Vireo Systems, the parent company of the CON-CRĒT creatine brand, marked an exciting new chapter by opening the first creatine manufacturing plant in the United States. NutraIngredients-USA caught up with the company's founder and president...

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Aligning consumer intentions with behaviors to achieve health goals

By Olivia Brown

While many consumers want to improve their health by opting for healthier product choices, key barriers include a lack of trust in retailers, understanding of the nutritional information provided, and perceived availability of convenient options.

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Amazon updates its dietary supplements seller’s policy

By Stephen Daniells

Tech giant Amazon has updated its requirements for dietary supplements and now requires third-party verification, including testing data and certificates of analyses straight from the lab to Amazon.

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