Kalys S.A.

Kalys is a leading supplier of natural additives and thickeners for the food industry.

Kangcare Bioindustry Co. Ltd

Kangcare - To care, To share, To be well.Kangcare is a bio-science technology based company in the global market with a team of specialists, who focuses on developing and marketing innovative and proven bioactive ingredients, and delivering science-based...

Kappa Bioscience

Kappa Bioscience® AS is a leading manufacturer of pure, all-bioactive vitamin K2 MK-7 under the K2VITAL® brand, the reference standard for the United States Pharmacopeia - used globally as the benchmark for vitamin K2 analysis and cis/trans purity assessments....

Karallief® Inc

Karallief® has united the powerful forces of nature, science and innovation to develop pure and highly effective targeted herbal extract formulas, such as Easy Climb® for joint support, KaraLiv™ for liver support and KaraHeart™ for cholesterol support.

Kemin Health Europe

 A nutritional ingredient manufacturer, Kemin is committed to improving the nutrition of the world with functional products that deliver maximum efficacy through superior chemistry.

Kemin Personal Care

An international manufacturer of natural specialty ingredients for human nutrition and personal care, Kemin Foods Europe focuses on the Vitamin / Dietary supplement and food ingredient businesses.


Kerry is the world’s leading taste and nutrition partner for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. We innovate with our customers to create great tasting products with improved nutrition and functionality, while ensuring better impact for the...

KGK Science

Since 1997, KGK Science has played a key role in the natural health product industry by providing our clients with high-quality clinical research and regulatory expertise to bring safe and effective products to global markets. As a full-service premium...

King-Prebiotics Biotechnology (TW) Co., Ltd.

King-Prebiotics is a global supplier of high-purity Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) for use in infant formula, health supplements, general food, pet food and feed applications.
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KitoZyme is focused on providing solutions and outstanding service to our customers. Our innovative and flexible approach combined with our industry expertise means that nothing is too complex for us. Since 2000, we have achieved considerable success...


Davos Life Science is a world leader in producing high-quality phytonutrients, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK), one of the largest oil palm plantation and processing company publicly listed in Malaysia. It is vertically integrated...


Optimize texture and improve consumer appeal. KMC offers a palette of potato-based ingredients to choose from. Potato based starches have the advantage of a very clean and neutral flavor profile which make it very suitable for specialty products within...

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