Valens Int. d.o.o.

Valens Int. is a global producer of innovative food ingredients designed to meet the challenges of demanding markets.


Valio is a leading Finnish dairy company, rooted in the purity of Nordic nature. Valio has net sales of EUR 1.7 billion and is Finland's biggest food exporter.


Vitablend provides Food Fortification and Protection solutions: Nutritional premixes and Antioxidant blends. Nutritional premixes to fortify food products and Antioxidant blends to extend the shelf life of food products.

VITAE NATURALS, Manufacturers of wellness

Vitae Naturals is a Spanish company founded as Vitae Caps, S.A. in February 2000 with a strong international focus.

Our products are sold in more than 30 countries over the five continents to nutrition and food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic...

Vital Solutions

Vital Solutions is an innovative and fast growing company specialized in the development and marketing of natural ingredients to be used in dietary supplements, functional foods, foods and cosmetics.Vital Solutions has over 30 years experience and extensive...


Vitatene is a Spanish company, belonging to Antibioticos Group, and focused on production and formulation of Natural Carotenoids.    Antibioticos' 100 years knowledge of fermentation processes...

Vitux AS

Vitux AS ( is based in Norway, a country at the forefront of environmental preservation. We offer healthy and high-quality nutritional supplements based on our revolutionary and patented ConCordix technology.

VOLAC International Ltd.

Produced in Europe, our range of Volactive® UltraWhey proteins have been carefully developed using cutting edge technology and specialised industry knowledge spanning the past 50 years. We have pioneered the industry to ensure we deliver the very finest...


Backed by the expertise of Volac International, a world leader in high performance nutritional products, Volactive has developed a unique range of whey protein ingredients for the sport and health food markets.

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