Food Vision will take place at the five-star Grand Hyatt Singapore from April 27-29

Food Vision Asia 2016

Unveiled: Final programme for Singapore event

By Food Vision Asia

The final programme for Food Vision Asia event has been announced ahead of its inaugural edition in the region, which takes place in Singapore from April 27-29.

Bulcke said he expected results for 2015 to be similar

Nestlé profits jump despite slow growth


Nestlé missed its growth estimate for 2014 and has forecast around 5% growth for 2015 – at the low end of its previous target of 5-6%.

“Indonesia is very important, our most important Asian market after China.”

Tate & Lyle backs fibre to battle Asian bulge

Tate & Lyle used the recent Food Ingredients-Asia trade event in Jakarta as a springboard for its mounting ambitions in the country of 250 million people as well as other parts of Asia. Fibre and low-calorie sweeteners for weight control were a big...

North Africa will become part of Nestlé's new EMENA Zone - Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Nestlé redefines its European division


Nestlé has integrated the Maghreb, the Middle East, the North East Africa region, Turkey and Israel into its ‘Zone Europe’, renaming the business division EMENA, for Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Showfloor blog: FI Asia-Thailand

Supply chain shocks driving Asian food producers to western quality

By Shane Starling in Bangkok

The non-Asian ingredient supply sector is fairly well represented here at Food Ingredients Asia-Thailand in Bangkok, but given current concerns about food supply chain security in the region, is probably still under-represented. Which is surprising…

BJC: “We talk to them about what to bring to market and how and we come to a conclusion together.

FI Asia-Thailand

Distribution prime: ‘European approach is useless in Asia’

By Shane Starling at FI Asia-Thailand in Bangkok

One thing both niche players and the largest multinational suppliers like DSM, Tate & Lyle and Naturex have in common when it comes to doing business in Asia is their heavy reliance on local distributors.

Q1 2013: Naturex net profit up 67%

Q1 2013: Naturex net profit up 67%

Naturex has seen sales rise 13.2% to €83.2m in Q1 2013, with Nutrition its star core business performer, leaping about 33% from €22m to just over €29m.

Probiotics on a charge in Asia, but players must get more organised

Probiotics on a charge in Asia, but players must get organised

With predicted growth of 15 to 20% imminent, probiotics in China and South Asia are destined for big things. But, according to Russell Ward, research director of food analyst Giract, a number of other factors must come into play before the segment reaches...

Go East: Inside Asia’s evolving health claims laws

Go East: Inside Asia’s evolving health claims laws

By Shane Starling

The substantiation and transference into law of varying kinds of data backing food supplements, herbal products and other healthy foods remains a major hurdle in evolving Asian food regulations, an expert has said.


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