Health Claims Regulation

EU food innovation is under threat from EU regulations, find researchers, but does the real problem lie elsewhere? ©iStock/klenger

Analyst: 'The fact is we have a lot of food marketers in Europe who are just not very good at their job...'

German impact study finds EU health claim laws blocking innovation; no excuse for lame marketing, says analyst


A German study – one of three analysing the impact of the EU’s strict health claim laws in place since 2008 – has concluded they are having severe innovation crimping effects. But a functional foods expert says marketeers need to drop engrained ‘can’t...

The head of the Commission's DG SANTE food legislation unit outlines three possible solutions to the EU's botanical woes. © / JPC-PROD

The botanical blockade: EC ponders 3 pathways

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn from Brussels

The European Commission has mused three different solutions to the botanical extracts situation that has seen about 2000 claims stuck on hold. Yet real movement will not be seen in the immediate future, a DG SANTE head has said.  

The Italian advertising standards body called marketing of a cystitis-fighting cranberry product 'highly misleading'. Image © / designer491

Ad body ruling shows Italy’s increasing stray from EU food law

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The Italian advertising standards body has ruled that the marketing of a cystitis-fighting cranberry product is misleading – proof of the country’s increasing disregard for the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR), says one expert.

NPN: “Herbs at the moment are the biggest problem but not the only problem.

‘Elegant’: Dutch group seeks traditional health claims regulation


A Dutch healthy foods and supplements association has proposed a traditional claims regulation or amendment to EU health claim laws it says would ‘elegantly’ solve the ongoing and stalled imbroglio about how traditional food use data can back claims.

Maladroit: ASA rules against joint health claims, but the firm in question continues making them on its website and cannot be contacted

UK ASA: "Court action is a last resort but we will issue such action if other measures fail"

Snubbed: Dutch firm smokes UK joint health claim ban


Joint health claims made by a Dutch-made collagen, glucosamine and omega-3 based food supplement, have been kyboshed by the UK advertising watchdog. But Finitri, the Dutch firm, has gone underground and the disputed claims remain on its website.

‘Probiotics’ term to go after December 14, 2012?

‘Probiotics’ term to go after December 14, 2012?

By Shane Starling

The probiotics sector is at different stages of readiness, and embracing different approaches, to EU health claim laws that appear to rule the very word ‘probiotic’ a non-authorised, implied health claim from next month.


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