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Potential for mushroom polysaccharides in DM management

By Nicola Gordon-Seymour

A synergistic formula of mushroom polysaccharides and other active components with different pharmacological properties could improve outcomes in the prevention and management of diabetes mellitus (DM) and comorbidities, according to findings from a recent...

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June Launch Pad

By Danielle Masterson

Sleep, sexual wellness and hydration were key ingredients in this month's new product launches.

NutraCast: MycoTechnology on creating novel ingredients with mushrooms

NutraCast: MycoTechnology on creating novel ingredients with mushrooms

By Danielle Masterson

MycoTechnology has partnered with brands to deliver foods, beverages, and supplements by harnessing the metabolic engine of mushrooms to create novel ingredients. The Colorado-based functional ingredients platform leverages a proprietary mushroom fermentation...


Editor's Spotlight: Startup Focus

Adaptogenic drinks bring ancient wisdom to the table

By Nikki Hancocks

A health and hospitality enthusiast with a passion for naturopathic nutrition is bringing the ancient wisdom of medicinal mushroom to the modern consumer with her new range of adoptogenic alcohol-free beers.


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