New product round-up: Medicinal mushrooms, sustainability and sports nutrition

By Nikki Hancocks

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New products launches from the last couple of weeks tap into trends for more sustainable baby formula, medicinal mushrooms, and innovative sports nutrition solutions.

British baby milk brand Kendamil has launched the first ready to drink baby milk in the UK with no palm oil or fish oil.

Ready-to-drink kendamil

The firm claims this recipe is kinder to babies and the planet as it comprises of natural cow’s milk mixed with healthy essential acids rich in algal oil — a pure marine algae substitute for fish oil.

This sets the product apart from others which use fish oil, due to its low cost — despite it being an allergen. Contrastingly, algal oil boasts essential Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA so children may enjoy its benefits to brain, heart and visual development. Algal oil is also more accessible and sustainable in terms of its impact on marine ecosystems and fish populations, according the to the firm.

There’s no palm oil in formula either​, as studies have suggested this may hinder a child’s ability to absorb vital fats and minerals, plus consumers are aware its production is unkind to rainforests.

What's more, the product’s shelf-life is 12 months, surpassing others which offer just nine months.

Muscling-in on the MLCT opportunity

Bunge Loders Croklaan, Netherlands-based producer and supplier of sustainable plant-based specialty oils and fats, has launched NuliGo​, a uniquely structured medium- and long-chain triglyceride (sMLCT) that supports muscle building and maintenance. 

The new formula combines the rapid energy of MCTs and longer lasting energy of LCTs in a single molecule for greater benefit. By bringing easily accessible energy to muscles, it spares protein for muscle-building, maintenance, and recovery.

Dr. Emiliano Rial Verde, Vice President of Bunge Loders Croklaan Nutrition, said: “We are proud to be the first in the market to offer our customers a functional ingredient that provides a set of benefits previously not available in sports nutrition and active aging. This type of fast energy source delivered directly to muscles is something completely new in these categories.” 

Available in oil and powdered formats, the formula is being marketed towards three applications: Sports Nutrition, as it fuels physical performance and post-activity recovery by delivering rapid and long-lasting energy sources to muscles; Active Aging, as it promotes muscle strength and maintenance to support a longer active lifestyles; and Medical Food Products, as it combines tolerability with balanced energy delivery.

Shot of mushroom immune elixir

Chaga Health, the biggest chaga farming company in the Nordics, has launched a new soft-pouch shot format for its 'Chaga Health Immuno Elixir​' in a variety of flavours.

Chaga shot
Chaga elixir shot

Previously only available bottled or powdered, the Elixir is now available in an airtight  ready-to-drink 25ml pouch. 

The brand's elixirs are based on a 100 year-old recipe, containing chaga, Nordic herbs, berry juices with vitamin C and honey, and they come in three different flavours- blackcurrant, sea buckthorn and rose-hip. 

Today, there are already 600 private forest owners who have started to grow chaga in cooperation with Chaga Ltd in their forest. The company collaborates with fungal scientists, mycologists and immunologists around the world in order to further open the potential of mushroom world and Chaga Health Elixirs for the benefit of health.

CEO of Chaga, Siim Kabrits, says the company has made great progress in establishing itself in new export markets over the recent years. He says the last few years have brought a significant change to the public approach towards health and wellness.

“Instead of battling with consequences, people are trying to find innovative ways to support their immune system with natural herbs and food supplements. The shift in such awareness has created a perfect opportunity for us to introduce Chaga Health Elixirs globally,”​ Kabrits adds. 

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