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Innobio launches vegan vitamin D3 from pine oil

By Olivia Brown

Chinese raw material manufacturer Innobio has introduced a new vegan vitamin D3 ingredient sourced from pine oil to meet the heightened demand for sustainable and effective plant-based supplement alternatives.

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Guest Post

Poking the bear: Nutrition Integrated discusses 'vegan collagen'

By Nick Morgan

'Vegan collagen' is an emotive topic with polarised opinions but Nick Morgan, owner of Nutrition Integrated, has chosen to tackle it head-on with this guest article in which he discusses the emerging sub-category, with a proposed proactive route...


Plant power: Could hybrid dairy offer the best of both worlds?

By Teodora Lyubomirova

A study that compared the nutritional properties of dairy and plant-based yogurts sold in the US has found that almond- and oat-based alternatives were ‘similar or better’ than dairy yogurts - but there's room for innovation in bridging the nutritional...

Health and nutrition regulatory updates from China, New Zealand, India, Thailand

Regulatory review: Updates from China, New Zealand, India, Thailand

By Tingmin Koe

China seeking new methods to test laxatives, beta-blockers in health foods, New Zealand industry body objecting government’s recommendations to schedule levomefolate, and India’s mandatory traceability policy on vegan products are some of the latest APAC...

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Vitafoods interview: ADM expands its portfolio

By Liza Laws

At Vitafoods Europe, ADM were showcasing their latest concepts with experts on-site to answer questions about how they will be keeping the health-conscious consumer in mind.

Danger of B12 deficiency among vegans, warn researchers

Danger of B12 deficiency among vegans, warn researchers

By Kavitha Sivasubramaniam

Researchers are warning of a potential vitamin B12 deficiency among vegans and vegetarians at a time when people are embracing plant-based diets for January, known as ‘Veganuary’.

Ento edible insect protein

Editor's Spotlight: Startup Focus

Startup founders on a two-woman mission to normalise insect protein

By Nikki Hancocks

Two women who grew up enjoying the health benefits of eating insects in South Korea and Mexico have teamed up to create a versatile and nutrient dense insect protein blend which they hope will appeal to a wide audience from gym fanatics to fellow mums.


New guide offers transparency on plant-based sports nutrition

By Nicola Gordon-Seymour

Increasing popularity of plant-based sports nutrition has compelled sports nutritionist, TJ Waterfall, to compile a new guide designed to educate consumers and promote the industry’s commitment to vegan and vegetarian nutrition.

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Plant or animal protein: What's healthiest for people and planet?

By Nikki Hancocks

Animal sources of protein are more potent than vegan sources for stimulating muscle growth but their significant impact on climate change means plant sources will be key for future diets, researchers will be told later this week as part of an online physiology...


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