New ingredients round-up: September

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With the end of summer, the new ingredients pipeline swung back into action last month. Innovations seeing the light of day included a pate of innovating flavours, convenient cheese cultures, and cost-saving enzymes.


Both IFF and Givaudan have launched new ranges of meat flavours using ‘gold standard’ culinary recipes to set the bench mark on different cuts and meat preparation methods

IFF’s offering covers chicken, while Givaudan has developed beef and pork flavours as well as chicken.

Maja Foods introduced a range of natural butter flavours in Europe that are produced using fermentation technology, as it aims to cater to natural flavour needs and the challenges posed by new regulations.

The Danish dairy company has had a cooperation with US-based Dairy Chem Laboratories since 2001 and has offered natural butter flavours made this way in the US for some years. In that market they are better known as starter distillates of fermented milks and buttermilk concentrates.

UK-based flavour house, Create Flavours, has debuted a range of natural, nut-free flavours that include the notoriously difficult peanut and hazelnut.

Commercial director Damian Bellusci said the range is tapping into the market for people with nut allergies as well as the trend toward ‘natural’.

In the US, GSB Flavor Creators announced a range of prickly pear products as part of its campaign to highlight some of the most popular flavors that are native to the US and introduce unusual taste combinations to the market.

Prickly Pear Peanut, Thistly Pear Tequila, Perplexing Prickly Melon and Spiny Sesame Pear flavors can be used in beverages, confectionary and savory products, among others. They are part of GSB’s “Flavors Around the Country” campaign to promote flavors native to different regions of the US.

The same firm has also introduced a tomato and mango flavour for beverages and smoothies called Tommango, which can also be used in sauces, marinades and dips. It follows a trend in the industry to blend sweet and savory ingredients into one.

DSM trio

DSM had a busy September. It announced the start of a gradual global rollout for its new thermophilic cultures designed as a higher yield means of processing low maturation cheeses like pasta Filata without compromising taste or quality.

The new Delvo-Tec TS-80 cultures can achieve a specific acidification level in a shorter period of time, while alleviating concerns over product waste and phage development.

It is also launching Panamore, a cost-busting enzyme preparation for bakers that stands to cut escalating emulsifier expenses in bread applications by as much as 70 per cent.

Finally, it has just unveiled MaxiCurd, a range of granulated protein hydrolysates that are said to offer a clean label alternative to existing heating methods that protects cheese curds during heat treatment of milk and increase product amount by up to four per cent.

Other ingredients

Friesland Foods Kievit has launched what it is calling a world first omega-3 (DHA) and omega-6 (ARA) encapsulated combination ingredient that can be incorporated into hypoallergenic infant formula.

Wild is introducing a range of bake-stable fruit fillings in Europe, as the trend for fruit-filled snack bars that started in Australia catches on in more countries.

In the US, Gum Technology has added a new product to its egg replacer line, which the firm says can replace up to 100 percent of eggs used in baked goods.

The new ingredient – Coyote Brand Baker’s 2 Egg Replacer – follows the launch in April of the firm’s line of egg replacer products. The ingredients could appeal to manufacturers looking to reduce costs or even add extra fiber into their products, according to Gum Technology’s R&D chef Sarah Martin.

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