Finland: Ginger supplements dangerous for pregnant women

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The Finnish food safety agency, Evira, has recommended warning labels for ginger supplements, after its Risk Assessment Unit highlighted dangers for consuming them for pregnant women.

The assessment found that ginger food supplements, teas and drinking powders should be limited in pregnant women because elements in ginger may be harmful to foetal development if consumed in great enough quantities.

“Therefore Evira considers it to be appropriate to follow the precautionary principle, and to warn expectant mothers regarding the use of ginger products by way of labelling on the packaging,”​ Evira said.

Ginger supplements must also not be marketed to expectant mothers.

The known chemical constituents of ginger include zingiberen (30 per cent), b-bisabolene (10-15 per cent), sesquiphellandrene (15-20 per cent), ar-curcumene, geranial, citronellol acetate and gingerols (about 5 per cent).

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