Egg white protein backed to fight blood pressure: Study

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Egg white protein backed to fight blood pressure
A peptide found in egg whites may help lower blood pressure by around the same level as some prescription drugs, say researchers.

The findings reveal that the egg white substance, known as RVPSL, has a powerful ability to block the activation of angiotensin-converting-enzyme  (ACE) that is known to raise blood pressure.

"We have evidence from the laboratory that a substance in egg white ... reduces blood pressure about as much as a low dose of Captopril, a high-blood-pressure drug," ​said study leader Dr Zhipeng Yu of Jilin University, China.

Yu, along with his colleagues at Clemson University, USA, set out to further document RVPSL's effects using laboratory rats that develop high blood pressure. The results of feeding the substance were positive, showing that RVPSL did not have apparent toxic effects and lowered blood pressure by amounts comparable to low doses of Captopril.

"Our results support and enhance previous findings on this topic,"​ said Yu, who presented at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in New Orleans, USA.

Study details

Yu noted that the research was performed with a version of the peptide that was heated to around 200o​F (93o​C) during preparation — which is less than temperatures typically used to cook eggs. However, he cited evidence from other research to suggest that egg whites may retain their beneficial effects on blood pressure after cooking.

Yu said that the that egg white peptides such as RVPSL, either in eggs or as a supplement, could become useful as an adjunct to high-blood-pressure medication.

He noted that such findings about egg white and high blood pressure add to the emerging nutritional image of eggs - which were once regarded as a food to avoid in a healthy diet.

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More Rats

Posted by James,

At least we know that rats with high blood pressure can be helped. So does this work in humans? As others have pointed out, how many eggs are needed for this effect?

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How often/much eggs bring the desired effect?

Posted by Heliana Hasche,

Hello, quiete interesting to see the change on egg properties/benefits for heart conditions! Finally!!!
But I woulk like to know moer details about the research - especifically on how many eggs, how often, etc they should be consumed to see this benefit on blood pressure reduction.

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Egg white protein reduces blood pressure

Posted by A Molenaar,

Nice to see that an often overlooked key point is addressed in this article - that the agent's activity (probably) survives cooking. The next point is - if taken as eggs rather than a suppliment, how many are needed to be effective

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