Unibar launches CapsiClear in EU after regulatory approval

By Nicola Gordon-Seymour

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Unibar Corporation and German ingredients supplier Josh Naturals launch capZion enhanced eye care softgels in Europe following regulatory approval.

The capsules contain Unibar’s CapsiClear extract comprising 50% capsanthin, a xanthophyllic carotenoid derived from capsicum annuum​ chilli peppers, which offers short and long-term intraocular and nerve protection.

CapZion is the first eye health capsanthin product in Europe and will help fill a gap in the market for oral holistic remedies to manage intraocular pressure (IOP).

Maintaining IOP at optimal levels is essential for long-term vision health, to decrease the potential risks of multiple eye conditions and permanent eye damage. Up until now, lutein and zeaxanthin are the two main ingredients used to manage eye health.

While many other eye health ingredients focus on blue light and Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD), CapsiClear is standardised to 50% capsanthin for added IOP protection, in addition to other eye health applications.

The launch therefore offers EU consumers an eye health product that delivers a “wider spectrum of benefits than has been previously available”​, according to Josh Naturals managing director, Wesely Suresh.

“The European market is missing out on several aspects of vital support, like managing intraocular pressure,” ​he explained.

“We have worked a lot with Capsicum annuum extracts in the past, so it wasn’t surprising that the plant had another powerful component.”

Protection for digital sensitivity

CapsiClear launched last year in the US and is a patent-pending composition of carotenoids that also includes zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin, although capsanthin in the key ingredient.

Research published in the Journal of Food Biochemistry​ affirms that the potent capsanthin formulation in CapsiClear renders it the “only ingredient discovered to help support the maintenance of IOP via an oral application”.

There is, however, only limited research on the benefits of capsanthin although clinical studies have demonstrated capsanthin’s role in supporting optimum MPOD, eye fatigue, as well as regulating intraocular pressure.

In addition, it promotes photo stress recovery for decreased eye strain, which improves protection from the negative effects of both blue and white light as a result of excessive digital activity.

Data from Unibar suggests 59% of digital users report signs of eyestrain, such as sore and tired eyes; blurred or double vision; headaches, and increased sensitivity to light.

“With daily digital screen time averaging at least 12 hours per day, there is a need for a powerful defence against the damage that may result from the eventual eye strain that occurs,” ​it said.

CapsiClear delivers a 4-in-1 eye health solution to help consumers more fully address the problems that come with digital lifestyles and aging.”

Supporting evidence

A 12-week clinical study carried out at the University of North Texas found that participants recovered more quickly from exposure to bright light after capsanthin supplementation (40mg of CapsiClear) and improved visual acuity after retina overload with bright light (photo stress recovery) in both white and blue light.

In vivo​ tests suggest capsanthin helps maintain optimum intraocular pressure with significant reductions observed in Albino Wistar rats, following 8 days of supplementation, and IOP levels similar to the control group by the end of the study period.   

The research concludes: “After supplementation, significant levels of capsanthin were found present within ocular plasma and macula samples.

“Capsanthin within the plasma was also found to be significantly higher than within the macula.

“This shows that CapsiClear supplementation results in clear and lingering benefits to the ocular system”.

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