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Rapidly diversifying CBD realm will cleave along quality lines

By Hank Schultz

Lessons learned from the history of the dietary supplement industry can be applied to the hemp world, and the blitzkrieg-like pace of the industry means we’ll know in short order who’s getting the message and who isn’t. It will also put pressure on regulators...

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New online tool to help explain benefits of supplements

By Nikki Cutler

IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Association) has created a new information tool called 'Mind the Gap' to facilitate more effective communication about the benefits of dietary supplements.

Is microbiome beauty from within set to be big?

Is microbiome beauty from within set to be big?

By Simon Pitman

Beauty from within is a small but fast growing niche that also could serve to boost the skin microbiome trend. Cosmetics Design spoke to Stephen Daniells, editor-in-chief of NutraIngredients USA to find out more.

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