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Study: Many CBD products would trigger doping bans

By Shane Starling

Almost a third of 23 tested CBD products contained traces of banned cannabinoids at levels that would have provoked doping infringements, according to a just-published study.

NutraCast: Exploring cannabis terpenes for pain management

NutraCast: Exploring cannabis terpenes for pain management

By Danielle Masterson

As the stigma surrounding cannabinoids fades, hemp-derived supplements are gaining traction as popular applications for pain management. New research from the University of Arizona Health Sciences in the Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center have found...

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Paper highlights safety of some weight management ingredients

By Danielle Masterson

With weight loss supplements under attack in several states, researchers rebut with science. The authors of a new paper examine the safety of six ingredients, a move they hope will encourage since-based decisions.

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