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Genome skimming approach shows promise in paper comparing DNA techniques

By Hank Schultz

FDA scientists have advanced the state of the art in the use of DNA identification techniques in a paper focusing on the verification of echinacea supplements. A gene skimming approach tested in the study showed promise over the up-to-now benchmark DNA...

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We need to address infant gut deficiency now, researchers warn

By Danielle Masterson

Initially thought to play a limited role, evidence shows the gut microbiome performs essential duties related to digestion and metabolism, immune system development and neurotransmitter production that affect behavior and cognitive function—from the moment...

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Review supports Tinospora’s immune health benefits

By Stephen Daniells

As interest in immune support formulations and products continues, a new review supports the immunomodulatory properties Tinospora cordifolia, and Ayurvedic ingredient also called Guduchi.

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