Karallief® Inc

Karallief® Inc

Karallief® has united the powerful forces of nature, science and innovation to develop pure and highly effective targeted herbal extract formulas, such as Easy Climb® for joint support, KaraLiv™ for liver support and KaraHeart™ for cholesterol support.

Karallief has a vastly experienced scientific team that consists of medical doctors, Naturopathic doctors, herbal scientists and R&D industry leaders. We bring a rigorous scientific approach to developing and evaluating traditional herbal extracts. Karallief’s team works closely with research organizations, CROs and doctors to develop unique products and conduct rigorous human clinical trials.

What makes Karallief stand apart from other suppliers is that we are a true ingredient partner. We understand the science and synergy behind herbal extracts and work directly with our customers (formulators/consumer brand companies) to develop and manufacture customized formulas based on their individual needs and formulating goals.

Karallief distributes herbal extract ingredient formulas globally. Our headquarters are in the United States and we work directly with a world-renowned herbal extract manufacturer and high-end research facility with over 25 years of experience. Our extracts are manufactured in cGMP and ISO 22000 certified facilities which are HACCP and HARPC compliant. The facility also has Kosher and Halal Certifications for the products. Karallief also holds the Non-GMO Project Verified Certification for some of our top products.

Extensive scientific studies including human clinical trials are performed on our products, and we conduct stringent quality control and quality assurance reviews during all stages. Our products are highly standardized with HPTLC Herb Identification Fingerprinting, HPTLC analysis, and tested for heavy metals, residuals and pesticides.

For more information contact us at Xnenyyvrs_AVRH@Xnenyyvrs.pbz​.

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