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Natreon, Inc. develops novel compounds extracted from the traditional botanicals of Ayurvedic medicine and has created a broad portfolio of products and technologies with compelling intellectual property. The ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine is based on balance and these fundamental and enlightened philosophies of over 20 centuries would serve us well today. The growing interest in natural products and traditional medicine practices is driving the need for more research and scientific validation. At the forefront of this movement to bring potent traditional therapies into a modern context, Natreon, Inc. is developing and marketing pharmaceutical-quality nutraceuticals to a global marketplace. With a deep commitment to research, the company has an extensive research center in Kolkata, India with a full-time research and development team including seven Ph. D. researchers and seven Ph. D. candidates. Since Natreon, Inc. was established in 1998, the company has redefined the meaning of "standardized extract" and raised the bar for scientific validation and safety studies for natural ingredients. 
 Natreon Inc.'s patented bioactive ingredients include highly purified shilajit​ (one of the most important Ayurvedic remedies) - PrimaVie™, Phyllanthus emblica​ (the superfruit Indian gooseberry) - Capros® and Withania somnifera​ (Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng) - Sensoril®. These products are backed by extensive scientific evidence and clinical research studies, and are supported by structure-function claims - including immune support, antiaging, antioxidant, adaptogenic properties, anti-stress and cardiovascular benefits. 
 Natreon assists manufacturers on many levels: 

  • Understanding the science and research behind our ingredients
  • Selecting the right ingredient for your finished product
  • Incorporating our novel ingredients into formulations and applications for functional food, beverage, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals
  • Developing and substantiating health and label claims

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