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CBD coffee: fad or the future?

By Olivia Brown

Following an increasing popularity and a heightened influx of brands promoting the CBD and coffee pairing, touting an ability to reduce side effects associated with caffeine, a regulatory expert has warned the research backing the benefits is inconclusive.

Superfruit, summer fruit and tropical: the Bella Berry line-up

Bella Berry beauty drink on finding the right retailers and investors

By Rachel Arthur

Beauty drink Bella Berry launched in the UK last year with a mission to bring beauty drinks to a mass market. One of the key lessons for the brand has been to learn who the right retailers for the drink are, as it continues to build listings both in the...

'One thing foods do well that supplements don’t do well is that they tell a largestory. [Foods] engage the consumer in the story of the brand,' says BrandHive co-founder. © iStock.com / Kwangmoozaa

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2016

How to make supplement packaging sexier

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Supplement players need to make their packaging sexier if they are to bat off competition from encroaching healthy food and drink products, says marketing expert.

Consumers want to see tangible effects from functional beverages. Pic: iStock

What to watch in functional beverages

By Rachel Arthur

Functional beverages are tapping into consumer interest in health and wellness, but consumers are increasingly discerning and demand drinks deliver on their promises. 

GoodBelly's probiotic juice drinks  Source: GoodBelly

Growing probiotic market prompts GoodBelly's new products launch

By Douglas Yu

GoodBelly has launched four new product lines, including GoodBelly Protein Shake, GoodBelly Juice Drink, GoodBelly Sparkling Drinks and GoodBelly Ade, as consumers are gravitating more towards the functional beverage category, according to the company.

Probiotic drinks and juices may still be a category to watch in 2011

Probiotic drinks are still a category to watch

By Guy Montague-Jones

European launches of probiotic drinks may have declined in recent years but analysts remain confident that the category still has strong global potential.

Improving perceptions of oat beta glucans

Dispatches from HIE 2010

Improving perceptions of oat beta glucans

By Ben Bouckley

David Peters, head of business development at Swedish life sciences firm Biovelop discusses how his firm has worked to overcome poor perceptions of oat-based beta-glucans by improving their aesthetic and technical qualities.

Market still buoyant for energy and sport drinks, says analyst

Market still buoyant for energy and sport drinks, says analyst

By Guy Montague-Jones

Energy and sports drinks are the still the market leaders but there has been a growth in the nostaliga and retro drink segment due to consumers hankering after comfort in the credit crisis, claims a Leatherhead market analyst ahead of BeverageDaily.com's...

Three parties, one project: the probiotic straw

Three parties, one project: the probiotic straw

A drinking straw innovator, a leading probiotics supplier and the world’s biggest aseptic beverage packager have teamed up to deliver a probiotic drink that has attracted the interest of the world’s biggest beverage companies. Shane Starling met with...

Cocaine goes no-name

Cocaine goes no-name

By Clarisse Douaud

The saga of the Las Vegas energy drink formerly known as 'Cocaine'
is continuing, with the product undergoing a second name change in
the space of a month.

Let's drink to health

Let's drink to health

'Healthiness-to-go' appears to be the order of the day on Europe's
supermarket shelves as Mintel's Global New Product Database reveals
a number of new functional drinks launched in the last month.


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