Zooming in on the current regulatory challenges for active nutrition

Zooming in on the current regulatory challenges for active nutrition

By Olivia Haslam

Educating policymakers on the purpose of sports and active nutrition to achieve positive legislative change is the main challenge for the industry, the vice-chair of ESSNA, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance, told the audience of NutraIngredients’...

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Kemin's BetaVia Pure gains positive EFSA opinion

By Nikki Hancocks

Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s 95% pure betaglucan ingredient BetaVia Pure is to be made available across Europe after gaining a positive EFSA opinion in response to its Novel Foods application.

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Guest article

FSMP rules changing in Europe? Looking back to move forward

By Dr. Luis Gosálbez, Managing Director, Sandwalk Bioventures

On October 27, 2022, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued a preliminary ruling on Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs, known in other geographies as ‘Medical Foods’) that may change the rules of how the market for these products...

Probiotic predictions: Gut trial style sets the tone for NPD


Probiotic predictions: Gut trial style sets the tone for NPD

By Will Chu

Ger Rijkers’ snapshot of how probiotics research is shaping up across the world is perhaps a glimpse into future scientific discoveries as well as product development opportunities they could give rise to.


Indian carotenoid player enters Europe

Bangalore-based lutein and carotenoid specialist Katra Phyto has enlisted UK-based ingredient player and distributor Gee Lawson as its European partner.

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Scouting out Europe's latest free-from innovation at SIAL

By Niamh Michail

What are the latest free-from trends sweeping Europe? How is the mature gluten-free market staying innovative? And how much on-pack prominence should you give to free-from claims? FoodNavigator hit the expo floor at SIAL in Paris to find out.

Younger consumers actively seek food innovation, says Mintel. © iStock

Pedon pulse pasta rides Europe's protein wave

By Niamh Michail

Dutch consumers' first impression of Pedon's red lentil pasta may have been lacklustre but the Italian pulse processor is unworried as it rides Europe's triple trend wave for healthy protein, flavoured pasta and sustainable pulses.

Carrots can offer different levels of sweetness & color: watch the video to learn more

Stealth carrots: How veggies are finding victory in F&B

By Rachel Arthur

Carrots might look dull compared to trendy super fruits and leafy vegetables, but the humble vegetable is in demand as a subtle but powerful nutritional boost, as consumers seek to increase their vegetable intake. 

Will you be in Geneva for Vitafoods Europe 2016 this week?

Vitafoods Europe: Geneva pulls nutrition levers


The NutraIngredients team will be at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva this week scouring the showfloor and conference halls for hot stories, engaging the industry and scrutinising the latest nutrition innovations.

Seaweed: Mintel claims it could become the next ‘superfood’

Seaweed market boosted by NPD surge

By Noli Dinkovski

Food and drink product launches with seaweed flavours, including kombu, nori, and wakame, grew by 147% in Europe between 2011 and 2015, according to latest figures.

So you think you've been following the latest microbiome metrics and advances closely? Take our quiz to prove it. © / AntonioGuillem

Do YOU have the guts to take our microbiome quiz?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

You may still not be able to put the ‘term’ probiotic on pack in Europe – but there has been plenty to say about the microbiome, what influences it and what it influences this year. But how closely have you been following the latest microbiome metrics...

Expanded Vitafoods gets a content makeover

2016 event to fill 4 halls

Expanded Vitafoods gets a content makeover

Refined sector content will define Vitafoods Europe in Geneva next year as the continent’s premier healthy ingredients and nutraceuticals show approaches its 20th birthday.

Zooming into protein trends region by region

Zooming into protein trends region by region

By Niamh Michail

Protein has been topping the ‘hottest ingredient’ lists for a while now - but how does demand break down region by region? FoodNavigator looks at some patterns in protein consumption across the world. 


13% in some countries compared to 43% in SE Asia

Europe has world's lowest breastfeeding rates: WHO


The World Health Organisation (WHO) says rising obesity rates among mothers and ready availability and attractiveness of formula has left Europe with the world’s lowest breastfeeding rates.

High-protein yoghurts have risen in popularity, including non-fortified Greek yoghurts which have a natural fit to the high-protein halo.

Special edition: Protein

Mainstream keen on protein foods (but supplements still rule)


Protein has been hot for some years and shows no sign of abating in the near future as diet trends flip in protein’s favour from largely discredited low-fat to lower-carb/higher-protein regimes and a broader health halo around various protein forms.

Consortium will support EFSA's IT operations

Unisys wins 3-year IT contract at EFSA

By Joseph James Whitworth

Unisys Corporation has been awarded a multi-million Euro contract as part of a consortium to deliver IT services and support for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

What are the top 10 botanicals in Europe?


What are the top 10 botanicals in Europe?

By Nathan Gray

Botanical supplements are popular among consumers of all ages in Europe, but what are the most popular? As part of our special edition on botanicals, NutraIngredients counts down the top ten botanical ingredients purchased by European consumers.

Euromonitor predicts European food supplement markets will swell 28% by 2018

Special edition: Inside Europe's food supplement markets

Insider view: European food supplements market set for €2bn jump


The western and eastern European combined food supplements market will jump from €7bn to €9bn by 2018, according to Euromonitor International, with some markets set to double in value in that time.

“Some plants were excluded because it was felt that the industry was not really using them. Evidence to the contrary would be important,” says Italian consultant.

'If they are not included, they may be relegated to novel food hell'

And the losers were… BELFRIT’s missing botanicals compiled

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Firms must fight the case of the botanicals that did not make it on the BELFRIT list, according to a consultant behind a comprehensive index of those excluded from the Belgian, French and Italian agreement.

Merck: “We will give VWR access to more Merck Millipore products...

Merck signs food analytics deal in western Europe

By Shane Starling

Pharma giant Merck’s life sciences division, Merck Millipore, has inked a new deal with a Pennsylvania-based long-time partner in microbiology services for the European food and other sectors.


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