Indena celebrates 100 years with digital launches and biodiversity haven

By Nikki Hancocks

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Botanical ingredients titan Indena is celebrating 100 years as "protagonists of the market" with plans for its centennial year including the creation of a green biodiversity terrace over its HQ in Milan.

The Italian company has become an international leader in the sector of botanical active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Initially named Inverni Della Beffa, then Indena (Industria Derivati Naturali), it was the entrepreneurial spirit of Carlo Boccaccio Inverni and Biagio Alberto Della Beffa which created the company.

Biagio Della Beffa, President of Indena and grandson of the founder, says it was thanks to their revolutionary approach to the medicinal plants sector, modern industrial vision and a profound scientific approach, that the company immediately had a relevant impact on the market. 

Today the firm manages, from its HQ in Milan, four production sites around the world and five international subsidiaries, employing a total of over 900 people. The company also owns approximately 100 patent families and more than 1000 scientific studies published with qualified research groups.

Della Beffa says: “Our 100 years journey has taken us to be protagonists on markets around the world, a matter of great pride for an Italian company, still today led by our family.

"Indena is renowned for the high dedication to quality and science, its continuous investment in product innovation, pioneering processes and constantly state of the art technologies. And since its foundation till today, this is how it has grown to become a leader and a benchmark in the global botanical derivatives sector”.

Indena's CEO Daniele Giavini adds: “Despite our deep Italian DNA an international expansion has always characterized Indena, which today has grown and manages 90% of its business abroad including collaborations with several partners in very innovative fields".

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has awarded Indena its first Centennial Award, a special recognition it created for companies celebrating 100 years in the botanical derivatives industry.

Receiving the award Giavini commented: “This award confirms the importance of our ongoing commitment to high quality and our extremely innovative approach, as we continue to invest in product research, new processes and technologies, with a focus on sustainability. This award stimulates us to go forward into our next century with the same vision and enthusiasm, developing products that are increasingly complying to the wealth needs of the community, with care and respect of the environment"

Centennial plans

The initiatives that will come to life during 2021 will aim to celebrate every element of the business, with its commitment to science being on a par with its commitment to the environment.

Continuing its commitment to the environment, a "green terrace” will be created over the Indena building in Milan, providing a habitat for a variety of plant species, selected by experts on the basis of their biodiversity and sustainability to the local setting.

The terrace aims to be an environmentally valuable space and a tribute to the city and the people who work in the headquarters.

The company will celebrating its "heritage of botanical excellence" with a podcast named "Phytocast", to take listeners on an audio journey which traces the 100-year history in 12 monthly instalments - each with a specific theme.

The centennial is also marked with the launch of a new website​ making use of engaging videos to help communicate Indena's work.

Giavini explains "The new site elegantly illustrates the company's knowledge system, products, services and innovation, exploring how the relationship between technology, science and nature in Indena is so intense, deep-seated and full of resources.

"Video productions are an integral part of the story. This form of communication is capable of narrating the universe of science and data in a direct and immediate way, providing information and content to anyone who wants to understand how the fascinating world of medicinal plants can provide undeniable help for people's health and wellbeing."

Not forgetting traditional formats, the company will also publish a book on the milestones of the company, such as quality, research and sustainability, told through augmented reality contributions.

On the scientific front, Indena is planning to organise a congress retracing one hundred years of quality and innovation in botanical extracts. Internationally renowned scientists and researchers who have worked with the company and contributed to its scientific breakthroughs will be invited to bring their prestige to the event. The publication of the first volume of a series dedicated to medicinal plants currently of particular interest for human wellbeing and health will complete this part of the activity.

Another important marker of the centennial will be the award of a two-year doctorate named after Colonel Biagio Alberto Della Beffa, co-founder of the company, to be presented to a number of young researchers during the International Summer School on Natural Products (ISSNP).

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