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Horphag study expands Pycnogenol use for spider veins post-surgery

Horphag study expands Pycnogenol use for spider veins post surgery

By Claudia Adrien

Antioxidant-rich Pycnogenol may limit the side effects following surgery to manage the appearance of spider veins, according to new research that builds on dozens of studies that examined the potential benefits of the supplement ingredient for vein health....

Valensa positions saw palmetto for hair growth

Valensa positions saw palmetto for hair growth

By Claudia Adrien

Florida-based ingredient supplier Valensa has launched its USPlus Derm hair growth supplement in a market that is increasingly looking to natural products for healthier and fuller hair.

Food Ingredients Europe 2023: Key themes

Food Ingredients Europe 2023: Key themes

By Nikki Hancocks and Olivia Haslam

Cognitive health, digestion+, beauty-from-within and women's health were some of the key health themes that emerged from Food Ingredients Europe, in Frankfurt, last week (Nov 28-30).

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Qina reveals top 10 trends in personalised nutrition

By Nikki Hancocks

Personalised nutrition experts at the Qina consultancy have revealed a top tends report, unveiling a ChatGPT take-over, a merging of food and pharma, an entrance of big tech firms, and new abilities created by at-home blood draws.

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Levagen+ PEA now available for beauty applications

By Cassandra Stern & Danielle Masterson

Gencor’s branded PEA can now be found in the beauty category for its ability to aid in a healthy inflammatory response and protect from oxidative stress-induced damage.

Vitafoods 2023 Highlight: Holistic Health

Vitafoods 2023 Highlight: Holistic Health

By Olivia Haslam

Holistic health solutions can provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to wellness aligning with consumer preferences for natural solutions and preventive health strategies, evidenced by innovations showcased at Vitafoods.

Seaweed for the skin and beauty from within: Weed & Wonderful

Podcast: Seaweed as a 'wonderful' powerhouse for skin

By Olivia Brown

The marine biologist and CEO of Weed & Wonderful, Craig Rose, discusses the company’s venture into the world of seaweed which he describes as a largely underutilised nutrient powerhouse that is abundantly available around the UK.

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Perfect skin radiance & uniformity

Perfect skin radiance & uniformity

As a leading expert in the nutricosmetics industry, Robertet presents a brand-new ingredient. This new product will be our 5th nutricosmetic ingredient,...