Kerry's naturally sourced soluble dietary fibre ingredient is designed to boost the fibre content of white bread products. Pic: GettyImages/mstwin

Kerry targets global popularity of white bread to close the fibre gap

By Gill Hyslop

Kerry Taste & Nutrition has developed a naturally sourced soluble dietary fibre ingredient – designed for use in the manufacture of white bread products – that ticks a number of boxes, including the nutritional and functional advantages of gum acacia,...

Chaga Ltd becomes Scandinavia's largest medicinal mushroom producer

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Chaga Ltd becomes Scandinavia's largest medicinal mushroom producer

By Nikki Hancocks

Chaga Ltd, the biggest chaga farming company in Estonia, acquires 51% of Scandic Organic, the largest indoor medicinal mushroom producer in Estonia. As a result, Chaga Ltd becomes Scandinavia’s largest producer of medicinal mushrooms.

Getty | banusevim

News in Brief

Roquette launches ready-to-use veggie softgel solution

By Nikki Hancocks

Global plant-based ingredient pioneer Roquette has announced the launch of its ready-to-use, pharmaceutical grade solution for vegetarian softgel capsule formulation, named LYCAGEL Premix.

Pic: Getty Images/Bet_Noire

NZMP partners with Sun Genomics on personalized probiotics

By Jim Cornall

NZMP, the ingredient-solutions brand of global dairy company Fonterra, and Sun Genomics, one of the world’s first, made-to-order probiotic companies, have established a partnership to undertake consumer studies to better understand the various health...

VitaKey co-founders Dr Robert Langer and Dr Ana Jaklenec, with researcher Stephanie Tomasic. Pic: VitaKey

Fonterra and VitaKey partner on probiotics

By Jim Cornall

Looking to a future where it is likely that many foods will be more valued for their specific health benefits, Fonterra and VitaKey Inc. have announced a dairy science collaboration on Fonterra’s probiotic strains.

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