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Using nutrigenomics to improve active ingredients in supplements

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Nutrigenomics: The future of healthy living?

Nutrigenomics can improve traditional limitations when developing dietary supplements by targeting specific active ingredients to promote efficacy and adaptability.

Innovation in the gummy market for supplement success

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Gummy supplements: Optimizing your recipe for success

Flavor, texture and color are just some of the many considerations for formulators in the evolving gummy market. Here’s how to propel your gummy offering to maximize market success.

The probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotic markets and Probiota 2024

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Biotics: The evolving market and Probiota 2024

Consumer engagement with biotics continues to grow. Join us in Milan, February 7-9 for Probiota 2024 to explore exciting opportunities for innovation.

Probiotic origins, human residential and transient bacteria

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Microbiome and health: Demystifying probiotic origins

Science continues to focus on the complex connection between the microbiome and human health. Does a probiotic strain need to be residential in the gut to be beneficial?

Improve sleep quality with magnesium

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The benefits of magnesium for healthy, restful sleep

Sleep disorders present with difficulty in falling asleep and frequent awakenings. There are various remedies to improve sleep benefits, and among these is magnesium.

L-137-postbiotic for gut health has potential synergies with micronutrients

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Can postbiotics be used in synergy with vitamin C?

Utilising 'biotics' to improve gut health has been a growing area of interest. One such area of focus is the use of postbiotics.

Gummies for accurate dosing and shelf-life stability in nutraceutical market

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Gummies: The perfect medium for nutraceuticals

Offering highly accurate dosing, excellent shelf-life stability and the ability to combine different types of active ingredients, gummies can be the perfect medium for the nutraceutical market.

Improve joint mobility and reduce pain in tendons with Cetilar

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Study highlights a key aid for the management of tendinopathies

Tendinitis and tendinosis share a common and painful symptomatology often known as tendinopathy. A clinical study indicates the use of a patch can improve function and reduce symptoms of pain in certain cases of tendinopathy, promoting recovery.

Fueling Active Lifestylers with Probiotics

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Fueling Active Lifestylers with Probiotics

Active consumers want natural solutions to enjoy healthy aging. They can accomplish this with a unique trio of strains, shown to enhance fitness goals and improve recovery.

Probiotic supporting weight management and gut health by Mircobiotica GmbH

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New probiotic that promotes weight loss control

Consumer interest in probiotics and weight loss products is high. Can a novel natural product provide the gut health advantages of a probiotic while simultaneously promoting weight loss and control?

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