NutraIngredients: What’s on our editorial calendar for 2014?

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NutraIngredients: What’s on our editorial calendar for 2014?
From polyphenols to nutrigenomics and the opportunities in personalised nutrition, the latest trends in probiotics, sports nutrition, and eastern Europe, Nutraingredients’ 2014 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest trends in the industry.

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January: Polyphenols

From cocoa to berries, and tea to pine bark, we’re only scratching the surface of the potential health benefits of polyphenols. The compounds are emerging from the ‘antioxidant’ shadow, with emerging science showing health benefits from anti-inflammation to altering the gut microflora.

Berry heart

In this special edition, NutraIngredients explores innovations in polyphenols, from the delivery options to bioavailability, a look at where the science is taking us, and how to ultimately communicate this with consumers.

February: Pre- & Probiotics

Probiotic Lactobacillus

An increasing amount of research is exploring the role of the gut microbiota for human health. In terms of cell numbers, humans are 10% human and 90% bacteria. According to the most recent results from the Human Microbiome Project, there are more than 10,000 microbial species occupying the human ecosystem, and microbes contribute more genes responsible for human survival than humans' own genes.

The potential health benefits of prebiotics and probiotics are legion, from general gut health, to immune support, skin health, weight management, cholesterol control, maybe even vitamin D enhancement.

In this special edition, NutraIngredients will look at the science, the market dynamics and leaders, the regulatory environments in key regions, and where it’s all going.


March: Innovations in Delivery Systems

Talk modern food and supplement formulation and you will inevitably bring encapsulation and delivery into the discussion. The powerful and ever-changing tool permits high-end blending of often fragile, non-compatible ingredients and nutrients to drive innovation like bioavailability, shelf-life extension and taste, texture and aroma enhancement.

Here NutraIngredients journeys to the micro-core of a huge area that can only become more important to the global supplements and functional foods industries.


Sports Nutrition 1

April: Sports nutrition

The global sports and fitness nutrition market is predicted to be worth €4.55bn by 2018, according to a recent report from Global Industry Analysts. From energy to endurance and recovery, an increasing number of manufacturers are attracted by the sports nutrition market that is increasingly being embraced by ‘regular’ people.

In this special edition, NutraIngredients will evaluate the emerging ingredients, consider the major trends, and delve into the science of sports nutrition.

Eyes Brown

May: Eye health

For many consumers it’s all about lutein and zeaxanthin, but is that all there is to eye health? What does the science say for these key ingredients, and what about other ingredients? Brands are also targeting younger consumers, emphasizing that good eye health needs to be supported from an early age, but are consumers listening?

In this special edition, we’ll take a very close look at the eye health market. 


June: Bone & Joint health

Baby boomers, post-menopausal women, athletes: The consumer segments served by bone and joint health products are as varied as the products offered on the market. The bone and joint health supplements market is predicted to hit €6.6bn globally by 2017 (Global Industry Analysts), but where is the growth coming from?globally by 2017 (Global Industry Analysts), but where is the growth coming from?

Bone and joint health is not just about calcium, vitamin D, glucosamine, and chondroitin and numerous ingredients are emerging with sound science to support the potential claims.


September: Eastern Europe supplements snapshot (and beyond)

From those countries like Poland and Hungary that have joined the EU to others like Turkey and Serbia, eastern Europe’s supplements markets are a hive of activity. Then there is Russia and former Soviet states like the Ukraine and Georgia. We peer into these domains to deliver key insights in regulation, marketing, distribution and more.


October: Healthy ageing 

Simply growing old is not an option for many aging consumers today. Now, the focus is about maintaining health, avoiding chronic disease, and remaining physically and mentally active. Nutrition and lifestyle are vital for healthy aging, and numerous products and product ranges are tapping into this renewed desire to live longer, healthier lives. 

In this special edition, we will explore the consumer demands and expectations, the demographic targets, and the brands driving this trend.


November: Functional foods

Pills or foods? That is the choice many consumers are making, and, depending on the market, influences the size of the dietary supplement and functional food markets.

Regardless of the region, getting nutritional ingredients into foods requires tackling regulatory hurdles, but food offers a mass market that dwarfs anything possible with supplements.

In this special edition, our editors will look at the success stories, the market trends, the demographic forces, regulatory considerations, and much more.


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