All news articles for May 13, 2014

The advertising watchdog ruled that Ribena’s reworded versions altered the meaning of the authorised claims, and therefore breached its code.

NHCR enforcement

Ribena claim ban leaves ‘little margin for flexibility’: Legal expert

By Lynda Searby

Last week’s UK ruling that health claims made on Ribena’s website were ‘exaggerated’ suggests there is not as much flexibility as the industry might have hoped when it comes to rewording authorised health claims to make them more understandable to consumers,...

“This project could support the development of a profitable business for camel owners in the arid areas of Africa and Middle East, and it will provide ideas for the development of new products.”

Danes back nutrient-rich African camel milk expansion

By Nicola Cottam

Danish supplier Chr Hansen has launched a forum to disseminate and share information on camel cheese and milk production to generate global support and potential revenue for small-scale camel owners in Northern Africa.

Palm oil firm says sustainability not so focal for supplements


Sustainability? Not so focal for supplements, says palm oil firm

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Sustainability is not such an important issue for the supplements industry, because of the relatively low ingredient volumes involved and a difference in industry priorities, Malaysia-based Carotech has said.

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