Symrise launches oral microbiome-targeting probiotic

By Nicola Gordon-Seymour

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Symrise launches oral microbiome-targeting probiotic

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Symrise has developed a processed probiotic dedicated to oral care in response to consumer demand.

Market insights by Symrise reveal 69% of consumers like the idea of using toothpaste with probiotics, 63% expect toothpaste to soothe sensitive gums and 36% expect it to maintain overall dental health.

“The use of probiotics in oral care products is becoming more widespread and global consumers are embracing the proven health benefits,” ​according to the company.

The technique used to produce SymReboot OC employs the same True Biotic technology as Symrise skin and scalp care ingredient SymReboot L19.

Research demonstrates that after heat-treatment the probiotics continue, “to behave like probiotics, while no longer viable”​. As such, SymReboot OC sustains oral defences by promoting healthy microbiome, soothing cavities, and protecting against harmful bacteria and gum problems.

The authors add that probiotics, “offer multiple benefits for the oral cavity, including sustaining its instinctive defences for a strengthened barrier and supporting a healthy balance of the microbiome”.

In addition, SymReboot OC, “works without preservatives and comes in powder form. Final products manufacturers may find this technology easy to handle and further integrate into formulas”​.

Positive responses

Probiotics have a specific role in oral healthcare due to their structure and composition, but processing can be structurally destructive. However, the, "mild treatment"​ developed by Symrise helps to "preserve the structural integrity of the bacteria to optimise functionality."

Symrise's proprietary research confirms that, “SymReboot OC results in positive responses in some of their most important pathways: antimicrobial peptides modulation and redness signals modulation (ex vitro tests), and filaggrin modulation (in vitro test).”

The research focused on biofilms grown in the Symrise ex vivo​ oral biofilm model. SymReboot OC is composed of the mildly heat-treated Lactobacillus plantarum​ HEAL19 with an intact bacterial structure (a specific strain of bacteria isolated and owned by Swedish company Probi).

Enhances resilience of oral mucosa

Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) expression were investigated in ex-vivo​ human skin cultures (explants), which was incubated with test compounds in hydro-dispersion gel. Real-time quantitative reverse transcription (​qRT-PCR) analysis was carried out following lysis of the explant specimens.

Meanwhile, a filaggrin concentration was measured in-vitro in supernatants of 3D skin models, with test compounds systemically applied. The samples were incubated for eight days.

Results state that, “SymReboot OC enhances pathogen defence by dose-dependently supporting anti-microbial peptides expression in human skin explants and strengthens the oral mucosa barrier by supporting filaggrin production."

Sensitivity and positive microbiome modulation

To test for sensitivity modulation, the effects of an interleukin-1 beta​ (IL-1β​) concentration were measured ex-vivo​ in human primary monocytic blood cells. These were stimulated by lipopolysaccharides (LPS) then co-incubated with test compounds for 24 hours.

Pooled saliva samples were grown for seven days, followed by systemic application of test compounds for one minute twice daily for a further seven days, to test for microbiome modulation.

Findings suggest SymReboot OC modulates redness signals such as IL-1β​ by limiting levels in blood cells. It was also noted that the product increased the relative proportion of health-associated oral species and reduced harmful species to support oral cavity health.

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